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3 Key Roles to Hire
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Activate massive growth with your Marketing Associates! This strategic approach to delegating is the best investment 

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Delegate booking appointments and making calls to your Virtual Sales Development rep.

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Our Account managers are responsible for expanding relationships with new and existing clients.

Case Studies

Client Case Studies & a Peek Into VA’s Day

Dina & Mishaim

Dina Mande | The Next Level

Dennis & Zaid

Dennis Yu | Blitz Metrics

Jody & Yamna 

Jody Underhill | Rapid Hire Pro

Daniel & Sameed

Daniel Schulte | Butts in Seats fast

Andrew & Hafsa

Andrew Cass | PipelinePro

Lyn & Asmaa

Lyn Askin | Raxxar Digital Marketing

Based on 92 reviews
Dave Burlin
Dave Burlin
I've been working with Iqra for a few months on a project and she has been able to get so many workflows and systems in place for our group coaching program. Any time something doesn't work by design, she is quick to learn about the problem in GoHighLevel, work through all of the potential solutions, and implement something that works, usually within 24 hours. This has been a life saver for us as we are currently growing a group coaching program for restaurant owners across the United States and around the world.
Keri Byrne
Keri Byrne
Fatima and the Repstack team has gone above and beyond to help my business and keep me happy. I felt like they were truly looking out for me. They were very professional and courteous during our time working together. Thank you!
Inez White
Inez White
The value of this service is incredible. I have been able to launch my online education business because my associate has all of the tech skills to work quickly and efficiently. My associate has helped me achieve in 2 months what would take me half a year to do by myself. Now I can get on with growing my business.
Dean Linfoot
Dean Linfoot
My experience using Repstack has been great so far! I have been using a marketing associate from them and she is fantastic! Now i am going to hire a sales associate
Mandy Wood
Mandy Wood
I have loved working with the Marketing Associate from RepStack. She's very good at presenting new ideas that would benefit my company as well as taking initiative with creating content.
Citywide Digital Media
Citywide Digital Media
We are absolutely satisfied with the virtual assistant that RepStack provided our marketing agency.
Bryan Farida
Bryan Farida
I'm super happy I found RepStack and Irfad, my new Marketing Associate. He has done an awesome job so far and I can't wait to keep growing!
Laura Sutherly
Laura Sutherly
Oneeb was a tremendous help with the digital marketing. He was ambitious and dedicated. I appreciated that he would provide solutions and options. He also had such a positive attitude!
Stephani McGirr
Stephani McGirr
We hired an associate through RepStack and it has been an excellent experience. From the associate performance to the account manager support and guidance, I am pleased with the results and am in the process of hiring another employee with them.
John Chan
John Chan
We've been working with RepStack for the past 6-7 months now and have been very happy with our placement. The manager keeps in close contact with us, we get in our daily reports, and the person placed on our team absolutely crushes his tasks. Thanks, folks!

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Why Hire for these Roles?

Strategic Roles Designed to Activate Massive Growth for Your Digital Marketing Agency

As agency owners, we tend to neglect our agency’s marketing, do the sales ourselves and even take care of our client fulfilment. This creates a massive bottleneck inside our agencies, keeping us flat on a sales plateau.

The solution is simple, Hire Agency Future Leaders in these three roles:
  1. Marketing Associates
  2. Sales Development Rep
  3. Account Managers

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Podcast With RepStack

Hosted by Azhar Siddiqui, the co-founder at RepStack. Uncover the secrets of hiring, onboarding and training your Virtual Assistant as we share tips, tricks and success stories in our Podcasts. Discover how to unlock massive growth in your Digital Marketing Agency by hiring for these three key roles:

Our Roles

Marketing Associate

Pre trained Digital Marketers*
  • Launch Key Campaigns
    • Paid Ads
    • Cold Email Outreach
    • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Management
    • Content Creation
    • Content Management
    • Social Media Outreach
    • Content Marketing
  • Setting up & Managing your CRM
    • Automation & Workflows
    • Landing Pages & Forms
  • Excellent Leadership Qualities
  • Launch and Manage Podcasts/Webinars
  • Entry Level Managers
  • Pre trained Digital Marketers*​

Sales Development Rep

Pre trained Digital Marketers*
  • Appointment Setting
    • 80 - 150 outbound calls a day
    • Follow-ups with all your leads
    • Scheduling 1 - 3 Demo Calls
  • Technical Skills
    • CRM Management
    • Opportunity Management
    • Calendar Management
  • Taking Inbound Calls & Qualifying Prospects
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Relationship Building Skills
  • Pre trained Digital Marketers*​

Account Manager

Pre trained Digital Marketers*
  • Client Retention
    • Client management
    • Making upsells
  • Customer Success Management
    • Maximize profitability
    • Fostering positive relations with your clients
  • Culturally Fit
  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Perfect English, both spoken and
  • Pre trained Digital Marketers*​

*All candidates go through a 4 step HR process and a 3 month long training program before being onboarded

How it works?

Strategy Session

We get your candidate requirements and send you a customized job description. This automatically triggers our vetting process


We present pre-vetted candidates handpicked for your needs with a 90%+ approval rate.


Our world-class onboarding process where we introduce you to your very own customer support representative

Step Back & Grow

Your Agency Future Leader starts hitting the benchmarks set for you. It's time to grow the team!