3 Effective ways to drive traffic to your Ecommerce Website

3 Effective ways to drive traffic to your Ecommerce Website

Online sales are soaring because of the pandemic, and this significant change is likely here to
stay for many years to come. New eCommerce companies are popping up left and right, which
made the increasingly competitive marketplace even more difficult.

If you are worried about staying ahead of the competition, you have to drive traffic to your
website and get customers to buy your products. Here are several effective ways to increase
your traffic and turn them into sales:

1. Target your customers on Facebook

A majority of your target customers could be Facebook, so it’s only sensible to create an official page and strengthen your online presence. This way, you can easily connect with your customers and prospects and access your business information. You can also share engaging content, like a sales campaign, news article, or blog post, that links back to your website.

Remember that just because you will have a Facebook page doesn’t automatically mean you can easily connect with your target audience. You are still competing with the many businesses on the platform. To broaden your reach, consider running Facebook ads. This feature allows you to set a budget, campaign objective, and timeframe and then target anyone on Facebook, regardless of their location. If you need help in creating and scheduling social media posts, you can hire a virtual marketing assistant.

2. Leverage Instagram’s features

Instagram can be a huge asset for increasing traffic to your website as long as it is used wisely. You may already have established an Instagram account for your business, but you might not be familiar with its many features. To nurture your brand and let people recognize and fall in love with your business and what you offer, take time to learn how the platform works and use it to your advantage.

For example, you can use Instagram stories to keep your followers engaged. You can use this popular feature to update your customers about what’s new about your business and humanize your brand by showing your life behind the scenes.

Another feature you can benefit from is syncing your feed with your online store. This way, your customers can shop directly from your Instagram account and your website. This feature works by letting your buyers click on the image and see more details about the product. Finally, you can also optimize your Instagram bio by adding a link to your website and other contact information.

3. Create a sales campaign Creating an effective sales campaign encourages visitors to head to your website to learn more about your offerings and look for a good deal. You can do this by making a coupon accessible only on your website. Doing this makes sure that more customers will find themselves shopping. You can also lure in more prospects and encourage them to shop by doing a giveaway. For instance, they can get free shipping or a discount coupon for their next purchase by signing up for your mailing list.

Doing all of this while overseeing your business is challenging. If you need a helping hand, you have the option to hire a virtual sales assistant. They can assist you with brainstorming for a sales campaign or putting together a sales presentation.

Conclusion Attracting your target market is now more challenging than ever before because of the competition and the customers’ new purchasing behavior caused by the pandemic. Fortunately, you can increase your chances of driving traffic to your website by following the tips listed above.

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