With the COVID-19 pandemic creating chaos among all industries worldwide, workplaces have come to need more resources and manpower than ever before. Many entrepreneurs and business owners need unique solutions to manage their companies and continue to be successful.

Fortunately, since remote work has become nearly ubiquitous, companies have outsourced some of their most important tasks to virtual assistants, thereby streamlining their business processes.

As their name implies, virtual assistants (VAs) help businesses by taking over all of their recurring administrative work and tasks. In turn, VAs aid every business person and entrepreneur to save a lot of time and effort every day.

Another critical benefit companies get from hiring virtual assistants is that they don’t need to worry about working space as they accomplish everything remotely.

If you are an entrepreneur or businessman, you may be wondering if it’s time to hire virtual assistants to free up your daily task list. Read on for a discussion of some signs that your business needs a Virtual Associate.

  1. You Face Problems in a Particular Area

There are specified areas that cause recurring problems for every company. And these repeated concerns are likely due to the lack of skill set in certain employees. These issues may concern customer interaction, database management, lead generation, or even recruitment.

If you face these problems in certain aspects of your business, it’s a sign that your business needs to hire a Virtual Associate that specializes in what you’ve been missing. When you hire one for a particular task, you can streamline your business process. And as weeks and months go by, your decision of hiring a specialist VA can reduce the issues in these problem areas while increasing the work efficiency.

  1. You Are Too Busy for Family and Friends

Many entrepreneurs and business owners complain that they lack quality time with their families and friends. This problem usually arises due to their busy and hectic schedules. Unfortunately, having no social life can harm one’s mental and physical health.

If you are too busy to go out and spend time with the people you love, it’s a glaring sign that you need to hire a Virtual Associate to help you out. In doing so, you can spare some time daily to relax and enjoy your social life.

  1. You’re Struggling to Meet Deadlines

For a business to succeed and attract more clients, you need to fulfill all of your obligations and meet your deadlines. However, as work piles up, the first thing to go is usually timeliness. So if you’ve been struggling to meet deadlines, you should consider hiring a Virtual Associate.

Hiring a Virtual Associate can help ease the burden of a maxed-out to-do list—even just one additional person can make a huge difference. They can aid you in meeting deadlines and hence maintain your reputation among your clients and in your industry.

  1. You Can’t Offer 24/7 Support

Nowadays, clients prefer companies that provide adequate support no matter the time of day. If you are operating a business with a global reach, you must cover all time zones, or else face frustrated customers left waiting for a response to their problem.

If you can’t offer 24/7 support, it’s a sign that you should consider hiring a Virtual Associate, perhaps a remote customer service rep. In doing so, they can help all of your customers no matter what time they contact you.


If your business is struggling with some specific tasks, or it’s becoming difficult to maintain a work-life balance, it’s long past time to hire a Virtual Associate. Fortunately, you can quickly hire one that specializes in your industry and who can provide your specific business needs.

If your business requires virtual assistants, work with us at RepStack today. We can connect you with our best employees so you can have a virtual marketing assistant, a remote sales representative, or a virtual account manager. Book a discovery call today, and let’s discuss what we can do for you.


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