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5 Strategies on How You Can Effectively Lead A Virtual Sales Team

In another hundred years, we will say that today, right now, is the opposite of an understatement. After a year of gradual transition, B2B sales organizations shift from in-person to virtual interactions. As remote selling becomes the new normal, here’s how sales leaders can shift their coaching style to support their Virtual Sales Team.

Strategies to Lead A Virtual Sales Team

  1. Embrace the New Territory That Remote Selling Provides

Take a deep breath, admit that your business is in a new place, and embrace it. Look at this as an opportunity to change how your sales team will operate for the better. You shouldn’t expect your Virtual Sales Team to continue selling the way they have in the past because their customers are already accustomed to the new way of selling.

Your team is now selling virtually; it’s time to shift the way you operate as well. Focus on being more engaged with your team members and consider what it will take to help them be successful.

  1. Become a Virtual Leader and Embrace the Technology

Finally, step into your new role as a virtual leader by using technology to your advantage. As Virtual Sales Team Leaders, we must now use technology to be more productive, engaged, and efficient. Take advantage of using technology to your advantage and increase efficiency by using solutions that make your sales process more collaborative, efficient, and interactive.

  1. Train Your Team to Think and Work Remotely

The reality of working remotely is this: you aren’t going to be face-to-face with the people you’re selling to. So, it’s not going to make sense to train your Virtual Sales Team to do traditionally done in-person things. Also, if you’re like me, you will be working from home.

Likely, you’re also going to be working with people who work remotely too. So, it’s a good thing to have a sales environment that doesn’t require you to be in a specific location to do your job. Make sure that you’re training your team to think and work remotely. This includes utilizing technology to their advantage and thinking through the best ways to approach each meeting.

  1. Engage with Your Team During a Remote Meeting

In today’s sales environment, it’s best to keep your eye on the prize: the sale. There are many distractions for your Virtual Sales Team to focus on, which is why it’s so important to commit to being engaged with your team.

Take the time to periodically check in during a meeting with questions and statements that show that you are actively listening and paying attention. This shows that you care and that you’re invested in the meeting.

  1. Provide an Environment of Accountability

Your Virtual Sales Team is still going to be your team—no matter whether they’re in front of you or behind a screen. To have a successful team of remote salespeople, it’s important to instill an environment of accountability.

What is this? This simply means that you’re setting the expectation that your team will be accountable for the work they do. This can be done by setting clear expectations and holding them accountable to those standards.


Today’s sales organizations are required to sell in a new, virtual environment. So, it’s essential to shift your coaching style and adapt to the new territory that remote selling creates. Hopefully, these tips help you on your way to becoming a better, virtual sales leader—one who can confidently navigate the new world that is taking shape.

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