As this past year has shown us, remote work is perfectly fine. Even before that, remote work already existed, and chances are one of the calls you made was by a remote customer service representative not from your location. There’s really no difference, and there are big benefits for business too.

Today, employees handle all kinds of tasks. The whole world just needed to catch up and realize its effectiveness. Not only are the numbers proving the effectiveness of remote work, remote employees also often report greater happiness in their virtual work.

In today’s article, we will discuss the merits of virtual work and how it can benefit your company.

Going Virtual and Remote Is Good

LinkedIn showed the increasing demand for remote; a dramatic boost of 357 percent in remote work job offerings was observed this year. More businesses were convinced that it was one of the best business moves they can make—not just for adapting to current times. The surge in the growth of remote is seen to increase dramatically over the years, even more than it already has.

Traditional office location work may be forgone these days. Remote work quality and level didn’t change at all when compared to office-based jobs.

For example, the common virtual assistant sales support employee works just as efficiently despite being on the other side of the world compared to an office-based one. A Global Workplace Analytics study even confirmed that remote employees were up to 25 percent more productive from their office-based versions.

Main Advantages of Remote Work

One main advantage of the remote work setup is losing the physical office, especially for small to medium scale businesses. You would not have to maintain a big office building or rent an office.

Other major budget cuts include rent, electricity and water bills, maintenance crew, security, PCs, internet services, IT services down, and so on. This approach applies to other office functions and activities carried out online, such as recruitment, communications, IT servers, and more.

Better Employment Conditions

Remote work can cut out the stress of the daily commute, along with the costs and preparation involved. It has allowed many to achieve work-life balance to a greater degree, as they can spend less time traveling and more time with their family and loved ones. The effect is substantial, as seen in how effective remote work is for many employees and companies.

1 in 2 employees now prefers to stay remotely employed post-pandemic, seeing how it works out best for both employees and employers. So go ahead and hire your next virtual customer service representative online and make that shift.


Remote work is effective for both employees and employers. The benefits for both sides are significant, and there is no drop in productivity or quality of work. At times, there are even bigger advantages. The biggest plus in this situation also goes to employers, who save time, money, and energy running a traditional office setup. An efficient and cost-effective option exists in remote work.

RepStack understands how remote employment works because of our experience in providing quality work. Your business will only reap the benefits of a digital marketing virtual assistant. If you’re ready to make that change and go virtual, contact us today.

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