Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant – Debunking 3 VA Myths

Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant – Debunking 3 VA Myths

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) is a cost-effective way to streamline your marketing funnels. A VA is a remote worker who can assist your customers on their buyer’s journey. Their tasks can range from scheduling phone calls to providing administrative aid.

Demand for VAs in the market is primarily from small- and medium-sized enterprises who want to innovate their marketing channels to handle online users. However, the specific tasks and advantages that a VA can add to your business are not clear for all. This is primarily due to the different functions that individual firms assign.

What does a virtual assistant actually do?

Although companies can assign a wide range of tasks for their VAs, there are some commonalities between positions across job openings. VAs need to be flexible in accommodating these different responsibilities. However, you shouldn’t consider them as an all-in-one solution for your marketing channels’ needs. You may have some far-fetched expectations or misgivings on what a VA can do that’s far from the truth.

In this article, we will debunk three common myths about VAs.

Myth#1: Virtual assistants work all day, every day

Virtual assistants can work carried hours, depending on their tasks and responsibilities. Although some websites boast 24/7 VA support for online visitors, that doesn’t mean that the same VA is available throughout the entire day. A VA opening is a remote position requiring hiring companies to assign a blocked time for applicants. If you can’t afford to hire more than one VA at the moment, it’s best to limit their service hours to avoid burning them out.

Myth#2: Communicating with virtual assistants is complicated

A common belief of traditional business owners is that online interactions can cause miscommunications and delays in response. Unlike the last few decades, progression in network connectivity is making advancements almost every year. This is why the current generation of the workforce is much more open to remote positions that won’t require on-site interactions. It’s an office setup that’s becoming more common to different industries, from creative studios to marketing agencies.

There are numerous ways to interact online, from digital workplaces like Slack and Asana to telecommunication networks like Discord and Google Hangouts. You can even perform regular check-ins or scheduled team meetings through video conferencing to ensure that deadlines are met. Staying in touch with remote workers like virtual assistants is no longer an obstacle with today’s technological innovations.

Myth#3: Virtual assistants can do anything

Like any job position, a VA’s responsibilities can vary depending on the company’s own definition. For example, a copywriter in one company might not have as many tasks in another firm. Generally, VAs can do basic admin tasks. However, they can also have specializations that make them stand out among other applicants.

The key to hiring the right VA for your job is to be particular about your job postings. Instead of dumping all your work on one person, you should pair similar tasks with each other. This allows you to find a specialist who can adequately handle the responsibilities you plan to give them. By segmenting your operations, you will receive a surge of applicants that will fit closer to your ideal candidate.


Investing in a Virtual Assistant can smoothen the rough patches and dead ends of your sales funnel. By having someone with the right expertise to bridge the gaps in your customer’s transactions, you’ll have a better chance of getting higher profit margins and conversion rates.

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