Benefits of Working from Home

Benefits of Working from Home

They are two school of thoughts, when we dig deep into Work from Home Scenario or plan, whichever you align yourself with. The first thought, claims that most folks slack and dodge while working from home, meaning nothing proper and solid would be achieved. The second group believes, that it is the best thing ever happened to human kind. I totally agree with the second group as I have tried, tested and given results from Working from Home. In generic terms, its has been found that competent folks or whoever wants to do well in their lives, fare better and are more efficient in getting things done, whether at home or any humble surroundings they opt for.

While the first thought, claimers don’t have any specifics, to why they claim such a critical statement, but companies and organizations over the years have found, that 45% of the workforce tend to take it easy, while working from home, while the rest 60% are at it, meaning highly professional and productive work produced and presented.

Recent case studies have all come to the same conclusion, That working from Home makes sense, and it has all the Pro’s and Con’s attached, but since I belong from the second, more productive camp, I will list 10 Specific reasons, why should we all, get on this bandwagon of calling our home, The new Office..!!

1. Office-Where, Why & Anywhere

As the heading suggests, one can should be comfortable in his/her surroundings, meaning you can make any spot, corner, bedroom and yes, Kitchen as your new cubicle at home. I say kitchen because I have seen numerous folks working and producing from their kitchen table, which for them is the most comfortable, and high yielding part of the house.

Plus, at the same time enjoying the great outdoors, thanks to Hotspots and longer batteries, you can indulge yourselves at a nice coffee shop, with ample tranquility, and surroundings to get more from less.

2. More Money, Less Cost

It a no brainer, that if we tend to stick at home, for work we will be saving a bunch of cash flows, Firstly, no conveyance and commuting cost, Secondly, you won’t be wasting your cash, on an  expensive lunch, since most of your co-workers are having a merry good time there. Your lunch would probably, be the same that you will be fixing yourself or some close friend of yours. By the end of second week, your bank account looks fat, and it is, will always be a good feeling when the numerical are on the higher side.

3. Make your Own Schedule

When you work from home, you can make your own schedule. Depending on the company and your clientele, you can have your own timings whenever you want. When you focus on the results, better the numbers against your name, your company/clients would be obliged to give you the timings of your choosing. Content writers, Web developers and System Administrators have all one thing in common, they pick their personal flexible timing, because their mission is to get things done, not the other way around. Since most of the freelancers, work in different time zones, Nights owls have the nights to cheer, while morning hawks can do the early 9AM.

4. Independence; Enhanced Learning

In office, you have more distractions, noise levels are high depending upon which department you work, so by working independently, i.e. WFH individuals and professionals tend to enhance their skill set because they are more focused in their own environment. You will see better writing skills, better speaking and collaboration over the web, during these times of distant learning. 

5. Efficient & Fun Meetings

Working from home brings us a wave of pleasantries, and good stuff which you only acknowledge when you are working independently. Gone are the days where you had 15 people from different departments in a meeting, some grubbing on cookies and donuts, while others are busy in their own worlds. Now you have Video Apps like Zoom, Skype and Ms. Teams to have all this taken care off, right Infront of you with almost all the people you need in a meeting. This means everybody is at the top of its game. All these Apps come with sharing options, collaborative tools, so everybody & everything is good to go.


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