Manage Your Day-to-Day With

Assistants by RepStack

Are you struggling to stay on top of your workload? Do you find yourself drowning in emails, paperwork, and phone calls? It’s time to call in the reinforcements! 

Our Assistants are experts at organization, time management, and communication, and they’re here to make your life easier.

We focus on the 3 key roles:

When they’re virtual you can wear as many hats as you want!

Admin, Executive & Personal Assistants
for Marketing Agencies

Bring a level of agility and scalability to your business that you can’t get with traditional staffing. Our Assistants are Passionate about delivering the Best Results. They will manage your inbox and key agency initiatives while keeping you up-to-date with all current projects.

Executive Assistant

Stay Organized & On-Track with your Workday

Bogged down by having to reschedule meets and feel unproductive when you lack organization in your executive work day? With our Executive Assistants, you’ll have your whole day mapped out so all you have to do is be present!

Executive Assistant

Get a Productive Worflow that Avoids Micromangement

Our EAs are incredibly organized and have the ability to strategize how to approach each task. They are able to anticipate your prompting needs, as well as communicate effectively and efficiently with other team members.

Executive Assistant

Build Professionalism & Executive Presence

Your Executive Assistants are the picture of professionalism, with each one bearing a polished look that exudes success in the agency world.

Executive Assistant

Handle Administrative Tasks

Your executive assistant enables you to keep a laser-sharp focus while working, taking care of the assorted admin assignments. From agency progress to calendar planning and everything in between - they make sure your workday is as efficient as can be!

Executive Assistant

Devise Strategic Input

As the right hand to an agency leader, your executive assistant will be the forerunner in providing you with guidance and strategic counsel to expedite key agency decisons.

Executive Assistant

Proactive Team Player

Your executive assistant will be a great asset to your agency, fitting seamlessly with its values and culture.Their ability to adapt across all types of relationships - from one-on-one conversations to interdepartmental ones - ensures they are the perfect fit!



Hear What Dennis Yu Has To Say About Hiring A RepStack Executive Assistant

Administrative Assistants

For Your Marketing Agency

*All Administrative Assistants  go through a 4-step HR process and a 3-month-long training program before being onboarded

Executive Assistant

*Everything Included in Admin Assistant*

Personal Assistant

*Everything Included in Admin Assistant*

The Virtual Assistant Advantage

Be agile and adaptable to stay ahead of the curve.

Running an agency is no easy feat. You have to juggle multiple tasks, manage projects and employees all at once… it can be overwhelmingly demanding! 

Are you feeling weighed down as an agency head? Are the day-to-day tasks holding back your progress toward bigger and better initiatives?

But let’s up the ante – what if you could find someone else to take care of those pesky little tasks?

Look no further than getting yourself a professional virtual assistant! 

A reliable Virtual Assistant with top-notch communication skills means more time for vital decisions that will drive your agency forward — free from usual distractions. Take charge today!

Why RepStack?

We benchmark with Local US Hires. We only place associates inside your 

internal marketingsales and retention departments. Our associates will fit culturally and are future leaders 

Executive Assistant

Compare Against A Local US Hire

Save over $20,000 Anually

Our associates benchmark best with USA based talent. See the comparison chart on how much you will be saving by working with our associates