Here’s How to Manage Remote Sales Teams Effectively

Here’s How to Manage Remote Sales Teams Effectively

Quotas, deadlines, and time differences–all these make managing a remote sales team not easy. However, it is possible to create an efficient group of remote sales representatives working together towards a common goal. With today’s helpful tools for collaboration and communication, delegating tasks and hitting sales quotas become easier.

The main question now is: how can you manage remote sales teams effectively?

Tips on How to Manage Sales Teams

Salespeople need to engage and collaborate with other team members aside from doing their specific tasks. This is to ensure that issues are resolved promptly so that important business processes will not be hampered. Below are five effective tips on effective management of remote sales teams:

  1. Have a clear process of tasks and transactions

A good process provides a clear direction and structure of the work that needs to be done. Just imagine how remote workers may struggle to follow instructions about lead generation, selling, and negotiating if there is nothing to serve as a guide or reference. There should be a documented process for each virtual sales rep. You can also use project management tools to help organize, assign, and monitor the tasks to see if they are completed in accordance with the process. Also, make sure to set clear expectations on all tasks and transactions.

  1. Utilize the power of technology

Every team should aim to work efficiently and seamlessly. Nobody wants to keep on committing errors due to manual and traditional processes. To alleviate the common issues when it comes to managing a remote sales team, you should give your teams the right tools to effectively do their jobs. A telemarketing rep should have access to the lead generation platform or software where important details are stored. Remote sales representatives should also have tools for teleconferencing, emailing, and calling.

  1. Establish trust and promote teamwork

A team working with passion and dedication for their job eventually establishes trust with each other. Allow the team members to share their insights and feedback. Let them voice out their concerns and suggestions. Without active listening and poor communication, internal conflicts may start growing. These can also result in a lack of trust and unhealthy competition among the teams.

Promote teamwork by having regular catch-up meetings or a short group chat in tools like Skype and Slack. Make it a habit to connect to your remote sales representatives to alleviate possible communication roadblocks.

  1. Foster employee engagement

Building employee engagement may sound simple if the team members are working in one office. However, it can be daunting when you’re all working remotely. Human contact is minimal, and engagement may be difficult to achieve. Make sure to share the team’s accomplishments. This will help motivate remote sales representatives to do better.

  1. Manage the overall sales activities of your salespeople

It’s not enough that you send out a task and assign it to a telemarketing rep. Sales managers should do monitoring to keep track of every virtual sales rep’s activities. To do that effectively, you should use the right tools and technology such as CRM that will keep track of the salesperson’s progress and activities. They should also receive feedback on how they can improve their work performance.


Managing a remote sales team may be challenging, but it’s attainable. Just follow the tips we’ve mentioned above and make managing a remote sales team a breeze.

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