Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are the frontline forces built to march through endless rejection and cold calls to people who may not have heard of a product or who may already be committed to a solution.

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are a Front end, direct Sales Team members who have all the product and services knowledge, they know how to present a tailor-made solution, to the specific customer/client and also have the courtesy to deal with all refusals in cold calling.

Organizations equip these front-end warriors, with a knowledge of products they need to sell, reaching out to prospects, intended customers who may/may not know what a perfect solution would be for their needs/wants. In other words, they play a collaborative role between, Pont of Contact (POC), Inside solution Architects, Account Managers and decision makers.

In most companies, they work in a challenging environment, they contact the prospective clients, allay customer concerns, their problems in house, and then find a best possible solution required. Most importantly, they are one stop shop between clients and products and services.

Since I work for Repstack, I want you to know how a remote SDR works in nowadays challenging environment.

Jump Starting My Day

It starts with those emails, from all over the place, problems, hiccups from clients, direct them to the right resources to give them solution to their headaches. The good thing about working remote, is just having a problem free Laptop, and a working environment, so that I can get to it.

Daily work starts with a Team meeting with our dedicated line Manger, who explains what is expected of us, what are tasks in hand and where the company wants our foremost focus. Depending on the requests I have, we synch up with folks, who we need in problem solving, remember those emails earlier that I check, these are the meetings mostly with Solution architects, and Services Team who know how to get these sorted out. In all, this is Team effort, and we work as one, and win/lose as one.

Collaboration; Day in, Day out

Usually my day starts with prospecting calls, responding to my clientele emails. Every specific problem has a specific Team to answer those problems. So, reaching out to them daily, is all in a day’s work. Since my Job is to make Relationships, in house meaning with all my internal Teams, and out house meaning my customers. We embrace these relationships, from our company’s point of view to better serve our clients.

In all, its all about productivity at Repstack not the hours we work. If I have some daily errands, I have the permission and approval to do that, as long as I am focused, towards the Job in hand that I talked about earlier with my Team.

Physically Available is a Thing of Past

Relationships are key, wherever you go in this Industry. I have a very good conducive working relationship with my Account Manager. We have 1:1 call daily, so that we both understand each other regarding the work expected of us. It sometime makes me feel that he’s a child hood friend. To fill you in, he works in Seattle, and I am based out of Calgary. Thanks to all the working and collaborative tools Resptack provides, to remain connected throughout the day, making it easier for me to connect with anybody, anywhere whoever I require for my problem solving.

‘’ Thanks to all the working and collaborative tools Resptack provides, to remain connected throughout the day, making it easier for me to connect with anybody, anywhere & whoever I require for my problem solving’’

Working from anywhere gives me the focus and attention I require, to get that focus I need, and cancel cease all the diversions and disturbances that an actual SDR may face in a serious office environment. Working remotely also stops all the unexpected or uncalled visits by my fellow colleagues, which may be a problem while working in my cubicle. In all, this seriousness/focus which I get by working remotely helps me give the best possible solution to the prospective clients or the decision maker.

My daily routine ends with completing all my tasks in hand. Updating my calendar for the next day or any specific dates, in which we have an internal Team meeting with Point of contacts for any solution required for future dates. As intimated earlier, It’s the productivity not the hours I put in. So higher the productivity, higher the results.

Working remotely and an SDR may sound two words from a different planet, but I can tell you surely that if given the right tools, and a working environment are the best thing ever in a life of an SDR. This all gives me the moldability and freshness to give my best to the Job, learning that comes my way, and most importantly the myth that physically present is a thing of past and to give results.

This all communicated above if done in complete and subtle manner, given the elasticity to an SDR is the next best thing for my Job description, which is rapidly changing in the post CONVID-19 scenario.

‘’ Change and Adapt is the name of the Game’’

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