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PPC Ad Lab: The Perfect Tool for Digital Marketers ft. Joe Troyer

Joe Troyer shares how PPC Ad lab came into being

For years Joe looked for tools such as SpyFu, and SEMRUSH on pay-per-click to find data for lead generation, and advertising but failed to find accuracy. He then set out to provide a solution to this key pain point which lead to the discovery of the PPC ad lab; the perfect tool that facilitates you with the best snapshot of keywords that advertisers are currently bidding on.

As a marketer for years, Joe overcame the initial bottleneck: he came up with an application that made it easier for advertisers to bid keywords, launch ads, and prospect for google ads while also getting them a better ROI. “There’s a hole in the marketplace and we’re looking to fill it,” says Joe on why PPC Ad lab was a much-needed tool for Digital Marketers.

Today, the data outputs from the PPC ad lab guarantee Google Ads Intelligence that surpasses any other tool, so marketers can get access to the best information on how they rank. Joe believes competitive intelligence is key and agency owners should strategize on monetizing their own solutions for clients!

The philosophy of abundance – Sharing your top insights as a Digital Marketer!

Joe is a true expert in the field of Google Ads, and his insights will help you grow your agency in the digital marketing space! Not only has joe been involved in specializing data points for PPC ad lab, but he has also been actively involved in training for other marketing agencies.

He believes that as you gain experience in what works for you and what doesn’t you shouldn’t hold back your expertise about your systems and processes with other marketing agencies. He shared some valuable expertise with us.

Embrace the hike to growth – A phenomenon common to Digital Marketers

As a digital marketer, you have to make the most by seizing opportunities. There’s a gripping realization among this community that there lies a great potential to make a lot of money by making all the right moves. 

Joe went from 0 to a million-dollar run rate in just months: his business tripled overnight and he made 80,000 dollars from just his webinar sales. Joe shares his knowledge from the practices he actively implemented.

You’re only going to grow: The 101’s of learning as a Digital Marketer

Yes, you learn great things however in this dynamic industry it may come as a surprise to you that sometimes you have to unlearn them. Redo what you were doing wrong to achieve the results you want.

It can be easy to get stuck in a certain way of doing things, but if you’re not getting the results you want, it may be time to change your approach. Sometimes the best way to learn is by trial and error, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what works best for you.

The most important thing is to keep an open mind and be willing to adapt as needed. By being flexible and willing to change, you’ll be sure to always learn new things.

Consistency is key: Build a routine that serves you

When it comes to success, there is one key ingredient that trumps all others: consistency. The ability to show up day after day and put in the work, even when you don’t feel like it, is what differentiates you from the rest.

When you are a leader there’s a certain level of discipline that you need to maintain to make a contribution that has lasting value. Put yourself in such a position that you are accountable to yourself as your own boss. You should know what your priorities are and invest in them – It is both a mental and physical commitment rather than just one!

Build a routine that serves you, and reap the benefits from the success. Even Joe’s systems and processes allow him to spend 90% of his time in deep work.  Ignore the surface-level work and really focus – That is when you’ll get the best results.

It’s kind of true how delegation is more like a science, not an art, so when you place the trust in another person to handle your agency’s day-to-day work, you can check out and take a break. That’s why hiring Virtual Assistants seems to be the way to go as an agency owner.

Hit that plateau – Avoid a stagnant agency!

Joe Troyer means well when he advises agency owners not to stand still, and to reinvigorate new marketing practices into their agency. Embrace how fast the digital marketing industry changes and welcome the change – Identify the needs of your clients rather than ignore them.

Make sure your offer is compelling, pull in your target audience, and avoid being stagnant in your learning journey.

Competitive intelligence is key –

Joe Troyer is an experienced marketer who knows the importance of data accuracy. After recognizing a pain point for many digital marketers, he set out to solve it with PPC ad lab – an application that makes it easier for advertisers to bid keywords, launch ads, and prospect for google ads while also getting them a better ROI.

The data outputs from PPC ad lab guarantee Google Ads Intelligence that surpasses any other tool on the market today, so marketers can feel confident in their decisions.

If you’re looking for an edge in your Digital Marketing campaigns, look no further than PPC Ad Lab!

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