Privacy SOP’s

Last amended on April 6thst, 2020

RepStack & AGUA Entrepreneurial Solutions Inc. and its auxiliaries possesses this website, but it’s not restricted to RepStack based out of Calgary, Canada. Our Privacy Statement details what sort of information we gather, when individuals browse through our websites. It also explains how we revise and protect your personal information. Any revision and updating of privacy statement are done through us. Your personal and concealed information is paramount importance to RepStack

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Compliance

If clients/individuals provide their personal credentials, RepStack may use the same number to contact the same customers for their requests regarding quotes. By communicating that cell phone number, subjected clients consent to be called back or reached out, whoever may be in possession of that device. By agreeing to this pact, whoever that may be, is not bound to buy products and services from us.

Gathered information

Respstack makes sure that any statistics it gathers, comes to the utmost satisfaction of its users and adheres to top notch security. “Cookies” is the mode how we collect gathered information. Other information is collected through our partnership with insurers and when clients register online. You also have the option to decline usage of cookies through your browser. Please also remember, that if you don’t use cookies, you won’t be able to use some of our products and services.

Automatically gathered Information

When our clients/customers visit our website Repstack, your browser automatically transfers some information which incorporates:

  1. Browsers name, e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer Firefox etc.
  2. Internet domain, e.g. Earthlink, AOL, Netcom.
  3. Operating System, e.g. Windows, Macintosh, UNIX and Linus.
  4. Navigation route, e.g. URL(s) used to reach out to our website.
  5. IP Address.

All gathered information how clients managed to reach our website, is used to make our website more conducive to customers and organizations.

Third Party Advertisers

Gathered Information/data is collected through third-party advertisers and vendors who visit our website as communicated above. These third party vendors collect your personal credentials like your (name, phone number, email, address, age, experience work, etc.) plus ( history, automobile usage, driver, etc.) to help better understand what customer/client is looking for and what best possible solution can be provided to the request or quote.

Gathered Information from you

Repstack also gathers information when clients request for quotes, and as communicated earlier through individuals/ customers using their browser credentials.

How gathered information is used

The gathered information from is used to make our website more conducive to our clients/customers. That may be in the form of Usability, display, and design. Gathered information is also used for marketing purposes, that may lead to contact with aspiring customers.

Clients Rights-Our Mission

Repstack hold customers personal credentials to utmost respect and security under the present laws. Directory listing is also used to contact prospective clients/customers through email and mail,  If you don’t wish to be contacted through either of these means listed above, pls send an email to & for Unsubscribe.

If customers/clients wish to see/review their personal credentials they need to contact Your security/privacy of your credentials are paramount importance to us, that’s why we vet/examine your identity before any updating.

Security Fortification

Any amendments /theft/loss can be brought under control, due to strict security measures adopted by

Business Transfers

Customers, Clients, and Prospectors permission is sought, in case of acquisition, insolvency or merger.

Law’s Compliance

Dealing with legal issues, if when and where it happens Repstack, will reveal your personal credentials as subjected by law for compliance. Repstack will do so in order to protect the safety, privacy and security of its employees, general public and customers.

Cookies as we “use it’

As communicated earlier under gathered information, Cookies are used to store your personal data when clients/customers visit Every visit on our website, lets Cookies to auto fill online forms, where your personal credentials are needed, so that individuals and clients alike don’t need to fill those online forms again.

Interface between our Website and Others

When you visit other websites, from our Platform, the administrators, of these websites gather some personal data about folks who do click on these external Web links. is not responsible or in control of any data acquired by these third-party websites.

Contact Us

Any questions, queries or concerns regarding out Privacy Policy can be directed to