Remote working; Present (2020) Past and Moving Forward

Remote working; Present (2020) Past and Moving Forward

Work that is compatible & conducive, that fits the schedule of people,from freelance, Web development and now primarily Working from home (WFH) is next best thing ever happened to humankind, or will continue to evolve, but one thing for sure 2020 has dramatically changed the way we think and work. Most importantly, the change that is happening in every aspect of our lives is here to stay. Either embrace this transformation, or just become irrelevant sooner than later. 

Remote working is the future, and working outside an office is the logical next way forward.

Digital workplace is here to stay

The previous year 2019, where it all started, we may not know from our cubicle, that who is Working from Home (WFH) but according to Research conducted by Brown University 66% of organizations employ professional resources who work from home and are full time employees.

70% of business professionals, IT consultants, and System Administrators all have one thing in common, they work at least twice weekly from Home. It’s a win-win for both companies and employees, as companies get more productive work done, while employees being more efficient, enjoy doing all this in familiar surroundings.

Remote Working and its Ramifications on Employees

Satisfaction and flexibility are two words that venerate from every working professional, whether working in IT or any other mediums. Millennial’s are driving this trend, as they have seen both parents working while growing up, no time for family so they had, to make a conscious commitment for WFH, and to better understand and experience the work-life balance.

Yes, it has Its disadvantages also, as most folks complain about being lonely, while working from home, as they have no connection to their colleagues, no jokes flowing around and that atmosphere which office brings. Plus, if your work continues from office to home, then it becomes problematic to find the right stability.

It’s always recommended to keep your Management in the loop regarding all the communication you have with your teams, so that everybody is on the same page regarding a project or a customer request. Sometimes the level of communication and commitment is lacking while you work from home.

But all these minor hiccups can be taken care off, if you change your mind set, willing to do the work, and no mumbo jumbo. It can completely transform your working and personal life if you really want that balance. Trust me on that.

Companies/Organizations like it too

Organizations can save a Ton of cash, by moving work remotely. No Capex cost, no rentals, no parking tickets, etc. They can improve their financials a lot, and then reinvest the same in better Compensation and benefits or C&B. If an organization is looking for good resources, then by working remotely they can find a bunch of outstanding talent, because they are no more restricted to the same city. They can get whatever they want, whoever they want in the time and place of their choosing. Better productivity can be bought anywhere, if you are looking for it, and as long as you can pay for it. All these connectivity tools like Ms. Teams, Skype and Cisco WebEx can do wonders for any organization. Plus being available anytime during your working hours also gives employers the oversight needed to keep employees in check, and focused on what is expected of them.

Trainings nowadays are mostly digital, any learning you need are all available online as long as we are willing to learn. Companies should encourage more trainings for remote employees.

Maintaining a strong line of communication between Team members, Management is a solid attribute which companies cherish, when a big project is on hand, and keeping your customer need/want in mind. Seeing five team members on a conference call with the client/customer always gives a strong impression comparatively with just one person on the call.

67% report that need more trainings while WFH

‘6X Human Resource Managers believe, Working remotely produces Efficient and Agile Teams’

Working Inclination; Remotely in 2020

Upwork, a popular free-lancing platform, did a study on businesses predictions and attributes moving forward, HR Managers believe that working remotely will transform the work environment more than Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

‘2019, 16% offices were working Remotely’

Cloud computing is the next best thing happening as we speak, using your private, business data and its applications online through storage devices, probably based in different continents. No need to be physically present at work place anymore.

‘60% enterprise level companies, are using cloud to Manage their data’

This type of cloud computing we use in everyday life, through applications like Google Drive or Dropbox. Also known “Software as a Service” or “SaaS”

‘75% business professionals, will be working remotely in some mediums’

To put cherry on the top, some companies are adding travel packages and vacations to attract more aspiring candidates to this vertical. Airports, hotels, and even in restaurants, have spaces for business professionals to work remotely.

In all, working Remotely, is a Reality, and the next best thing to achieve work-life balance. Period


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