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RSA ( RepStack Success Academy) enables our associates to work on all the new tools & techniques that will help them to carry out their jobs with the clients

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RSA Training Process

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RSA Processes

Training & Assessment:

Upon hiring, every trainee is provided with a training plan. Every training has a task assigned to it which the trainees need to complete. Once they complete the task, T & D manager goes through those assessments and gives them feedback on it.

Video Resume:

A Video Resume is where associates are asked to record a customized video resume, which includes their relevant skill set, past experience, and what makes them a perfect fit for the particular client

Mock interviews:

The mock interview is a part of preparing associates for their final interview with a client. Associates are placed infront of a Training Manager where associates present what they have prepared for the client.

Dry Run:

Dry Runs are designed to give associates a sense of what to expect in their Final Interview, which allows them to boost their confidence and better understand what the client is looking for.

Placement Interviews:

The time to make the final call is the placement interview where the Associates are put in front of the Client.

Client onboarding:

The onboarding process is meant to serve as a kick-off call, with the aim to ensure that all parties are aware of the processes that will be governing the services provided by RepStack, that information such as contact details and resources provided have been communicated to both the client and the associate and details such as the number of PTO and overtime process have been ironed out.

Biweekly Training Sessions

This training is led by an associate along with our Chief Growth Officer – Jeff Fisher. In this training session, the associate covers the technical and soft skills whereas Jeff Fisher provides answers and caters to the mindset building.

Meet The Team
Repstack Success Academy
Noreen Kanwal

Director Repstack Success Academy

Repstack Success Academy
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Digital Marketing Agency Trainer
Repstack Success Academy
Amna Zia

Client Enablement Specialist

Repstack Success Academy
Hadiqa Naqvi
Digital Marketing Agency Trainer