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Muhammad Shaheer Khan
    Muhammad Shaheer Khan

    My time in RSA was nothing short of extraordinary. As a fresh graduate, I was unequipped to take on the challenges of the marketing world but RSA ensured that I had the necessary knowledge and support to succeed in my role. The in-depth training and guidance helped me build the foundation of my career and constantly assist me to excel in all aspects of life. The leadership of RSA deserves all the praise for creating a work environment that values our skills, encourages teamwork, and motivates us unconditionally. I can confidently say that RSA has helped me pursue my goals and grow as a professional.

    Muneeb ul Huq
      Muneeb ul Huq

      The sheer amount of growth and support that I received during my time at RSA was something you don't normally come across which I am extremely grateful for. From the detailed training plans and in-depth courses, RSA set me up for success not only with my client but in my career going forward in this field, and it would be an oversight for me to not mention Noreen and Anum through whose down to earth and humble guidance I was able to fit right in coming into RepStack and RSA.

      Abdullah Sajid
        Abdullah Sajid

        Saying that good fortune came my way in the form of my induction at RSA, would be an understatement, to say the least. I fully believe that my time at the academy has been irreplaceable. Using generic adjectives to represent the RepStack Academy, would be doing the institution an injustice. The academy is efficient in the way it prepares you for the work that is expected from you, it ensures that all misunderstandings and things of the sort are promptly cleared up. Moreover, the environment at RSA is the definition of what one would call a conducive environment. The way you as a trainee, are treated, makes you feel at ease and allows for a headspace where you feel that you are truly capable of learning. The people around are some of the most helpful people that I have met; they never allow you to feel patronized for asking a question that you yourself, might think of as inane. My growth during the time I spent at RSA has resulted in me being sure of myself and my decisions -both work and non-work-related.

        Misaal Khalique
          Misaal Khalique

          My time at RSA was a short one albeit, it was vastly beneficial to my success at work, and the best part was learning different skills every day. With the help of very detailed courses and trainings as well as practical assignments, it equipped me with the knowledge that proved to be very useful with my client. The people around were super supportive, constantly helping each other with different tasks. Even now, if I ever get stuck somewhere, I always go back and peruse through those trainings. Repstack has worked long and hard on RSA, which constantly equips individuals to improve their skill set, something that many workplaces lack.

          Sumbal Rafique
            Sumbal Rafique

            I believe that my journey with RSA has really been fantastic and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have been given. I remember the time when I started training at RSA and I found everyone very welcoming and supportive. I have definitely made progress as a Marketing Assistant since I joined RSA. I love the professionalism here and feel lucky to be a part of this family. I have recommended RepStack to many of my friends & family members and will continue to do so in the future as well.

            RSA Training Process

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            RSA Processes

            Training & Assessment:

            Upon hiring, every trainee is provided with a training plan. Every training has a task assigned to it which the trainees need to complete. Once they complete the task, T & D manager goes through those assessments and gives them feedback on it.

            Video Resume:

            A Video Resume is where associates are asked to record a customized video resume, which includes their relevant skill set, past experience, and what makes them a perfect fit for the particular client

            Mock interviews:

            The mock interview is a part of preparing associates for their final interview with a client. Associates are placed infront of a Training Manager where associates present what they have prepared for the client.

            Dry Run:

            Dry Runs are designed to give associates a sense of what to expect in their Final Interview, which allows them to boost their confidence and better understand what the client is looking for.

            Placement Interviews:

            The time to make the final call is the placement interview where the Associates are put in front of the Client.

            Client onboarding:

            The onboarding process is meant to serve as a kick-off call, with the aim to ensure that all parties are aware of the processes that will be governing the services provided by RepStack, that information such as contact details and resources provided have been communicated to both the client and the associate and details such as the number of PTO and overtime process have been ironed out.

            Biweekly Training Sessions

            This training is led by an associate along with our Chief Growth Officer – Jeff Fisher. In this training session, the associate covers the technical and soft skills whereas Jeff Fisher provides answers and caters to the mindset building.

            Meet The Team
            Noreen Kanwal
            Noreen Kanwal

            Director Repstack Success Academy

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            Anum Zaidi

            Training and Development Manager

            MTO image 2

            Training and Development Associate

            MTO image
            Hermain Sarfaraz

            Training and Development Associate

            Amna Zia

            Training and Development Associate