Skills That Make Virtual Marketing Assistants Better at Work
Skills That Make Virtual Marketing Assistants Better at Work

Skills That Make Virtual Marketing Assistants Better at Work

Virtual marketing assistants (VA) are your direct bridge towards potential leads and customers. Not only are they the “voice” that gravitates the target market towards your products and services, but they’re also the branch that stretches out to disseminate information about your brand and company. While not all virtual marketing assistants are created equal, with some of them being more effective than others, they all adhere to the same rules and required skill sets that marketing assistants must work with.

With all of that being said, there are a couple of must-have skills and characteristics that a VA should have in order to be efficient at their work. While they are needed on a case-to-case basis, they should all at least showcase these characteristics whenever needed to fulfill a client company’s needs.

  1. Great Communication Skills

Virtual marketing assistants are required to be convincing, and what better way to convince your target market than for your VAs to be proficient in their communication!

They should be able to convey information about your products and services clearly and concisely. They should also be able to introduce your brand without any difficulty. Every word should come out smoothly, commanding the people’s attention from the other end of the line, leaving them more open to your business. Of course, they may use prompts and scripts that would guide them throughout the communication process, but these should be delivered in a way that wouldn’t sound too robotic or repetitive!

2.Efficient Computer Skills

A VA should know how to navigate their computer without any hassle. They should know how to use their apps and software without any need for supervision, and they must know how to sync their transactions within the system itself! Any leads, concerns, or feedback from the customer should go straight to the system, and the company should be able to see these laid out in a data sheet.

3.Clear Data Interpretation

A VA should be able to gather and interpret data from the customers and potential leads. The significance of these data can’t be stressed enough, as they will determine the next step that the company and brand have to take.

An efficient VA should be able to gather, interpret, and lay out the significance of these data in a sheet, clear enough for the client to read into it and come up with an immediate decision regarding the brand’s future campaigns. Not to be limited to positive feedback alone, complaints should be compiled as well in order for the company to settle them by proper customer service and other PR strategies!

4.Deliberate Resourcefulness and Quick Thinking

A VA must have a strong presence of mind at all times. They should also have an instinct to respond to inquiries with the right information.

If a VA were to provide the wrong info towards your target market, the latter may find your brand or company misleading. Any VA that is able to solve simple concerns without any supervision is always a good asset to have.

5.Strong Dedication to Work

There are times when VAs would have to multitask. Communicating with the target market for leads and feedback is one thing, but gathering data, interpreting it, and publishing it is another story overall. A VA should be determined to do all of that on a daily basis. They should also have the initiative to deliver without too much supervision.


A good virtual marketing assistant should consist of all of the great qualities that would help boost a company’s brand and sales. Being the direct connection between a lead and the company, their efforts should result in more people availing of your products and services. Pick your VAs wisely and watch your brand grow all the way to the top.

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