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Virtual Assistant for Social Selling: Make the Most of Them

One of the effects of the global pandemic has been a huge rise in remote work. More and more people have been looking for innovative ways to go about working from wherever they are, especially with lockdown orders in place. This has led to a need for Virtual Assistant for Social Selling for highlighting reliability, trustworthiness, and the like. If you’re someone that’s into social selling, you’ll need to up your game more than ever. Learn more about your Virtual Assistant for Social Selling.

What Is Virtual Assistant for Social Selling?

As the name suggests, social selling refers to social networks being used to garner leads through network building. Done correctly, this is an incredible way to go about sales. If anything, an effective social selling program will be able to bring in deals that are up to 48% larger, twice the pipeline and improved win rates up to 16%!

Nearly three-fourths of all B2B buyers are now making use of social media for their business decisions. That data, which stems from the International Data Corporation, is an obvious sign that social media plays a key role in businesses.

Social selling comes with a certain challenge. However: it’s time-consuming, and results may take a while. In some cases, there may not even be a “good” or “proper” yield at all if it’s not done right. Thankfully, you don’t have to stress yourself out. That’s what social media virtual assistants are for!

Read on to learn more about making the most of your Virtual Associate for social selling:

  • Virtual Assistants Know Which Social Platforms Matter

In today’s day and age, there are quite a number of social media networks that pop up willy-nilly. While it can be tempting to create an account on every possible platform, that may be more counterproductive than anything. A Virtual Associate will be able to determine which ones your ideal audience is mostly congregating at, so you can focus on that.

Aside from just creating your accounts in these spaces, virtual assistants will be able to optimize them well. A well-curated feed and even the ‘about’ section can make all the difference.

  • Virtual Assistants Will Be Able to Define Who Your Target Is

You need to know exactly who it is you’re selling to in the first place. An in-depth look throughout social media is ideal for identifying buyers or prospects. That takes a lot of dedicated effort and time! To narrow things down, a Virtual Associate will be able to identify the key traits of good leads that can generate more down the line.

Not all connections on social media are helpful to a business or particularly of any benefit to sales. Your Virtual Associate will be able to ensure your followers are organic and that all relationships established are meaningful. That way, an authentic social media presence is established. A target audience being fully determined will be able to assist in the direction social selling should take.


Remote work has gotten a boost during the pandemic and, in turn, the digital marketplace. Social selling is a great route for many businesses to take, though it has to be done right. Hiring a social media Virtual Associate is key to this because they can define your target and have expert knowledge on which social media platforms you should be on.

Are you in need of a trustworthy, efficient virtual marketing assistant or a Virtual Assistant for Social Selling? Contact RepStack today! We also offer on-demand sales development reps, and customer service reps that will deliver as many qualified sales leads as you can handle.

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