Virtual sales assistants are capable online employees who can accomplish a wide range of tasks assigned to them. Their duties fall under three categories: sales activities, administrative functions, and customer service-related tasks.

What activities belong to these categories, and how can they help your business? Keep reading to find out.

Sales Activities

As the name implies, sales activities are tasks related to lead generation and conversion. Here are examples of these responsibilities:

Contacting Leads and Clients

Your sales team should not rely solely on new leads coming in. There are still old leads and previous clients who can work with you again, and your virtual assistant can assist you in managing a list of new and old leads in your sales database. They will reach out to those past clients and follow up on new leads to see if they are interested in your company’s product or service.

Quality Leads Generation

In business, time is money. Quality leads enable your sales team to get the best value in the time they spend talking to prospects. Hire a skilled virtual assistant to perform cold calls, contact prospects via social media, and filter out bad-quality leads.

Sales Report Assistance

Train a virtual sales assistant to produce sales reports based on your performance, closed deals, and your revenue. You can then track your progress to know how well you are meeting your sales goals.

Administrative Functions

Administrative functions are activities related to the management of daily tasks in the business. Below are some examples:

Entering Data

Database updates are crucial in keeping accurate records and preventing mistakes. The best way to save time is to outsource the work to reduce your administrative burden and get you back to accomplishing your core business activities.

CRM Updating

On a side note, a virtual assistant with years of experience can manage various CRM tools and handle customer requests. Since this task is minor compared to the work they perform (depending on the volume of work), it’s better to hire a virtual assistant than an in-house CRM specialist.

Schedule Management

An organized calendar enables you and your prospect to manage time effectively, ensuring productivity and efficiency. A virtual assistant coordinates with you and your target to set up a schedule that works best for both of you.

Market Research

By hiring a virtual assistant, you can learn about the latest trends in your industry and your target audience’s demographics. The more you know your prospects, the easier it will be to persuade them to buy your products or avail of your services.

Customer Service-Related Tasks

As the name suggests, customer service-related tasks directly deal with clients. Below are some activities that virtual sales assistants do concerning this category:

Live Inquiry Handling

Prompt client inquiry responses will improve the overall customer experience. Good customer service can help you convert simple inquiries into quality leads. Use a virtual assistant to keep on top of this to increase your company’s revenue.

After-Hours Customer Support

Handling customer support alone is impossible if your customer base spans different time zones. This is why an overseas customer service representative in another time zone is the best person to handle customer service. The ready, round-the-clock customer support that your company offers can provide a better customer experience.


Virtual sales assistants can help your company reach your business goals. They can aid with quickly turning leads into paying customers, improving the efficiency of your sales team, and ultimately boosting sales. This is why it is integral to hire a reliable assistant that can address your company’s specific needs or work with a firm that can connect you with one.

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