A Sales Development Representative (SDR) plugs in front of your sales team and generates qualified leads for your sales team to close and also responsible for outbound sales prospecting. 

Another way to understand the role of a Sales development rep (SDR) is that the SDR holds the same value as your SEO campaign, Google ads campaign and Social media campaigns. All these campaigns are in place to generate more leads for the sales team, the SDR is in place to do the exact same thing, generate more ready to close leads for the sales teams!

How does a Sales Development Representative generate qualified leads?


The SDR will call a lead list either provided by the client of current clients, current lead database or custom generated by a lead scraper for this particular campaign. A good general example of this would be that the SDR calls 100 prospects, books 2 qualified appointments for the sales team, gets 5 follow-up calls, sends about 50 emails, leaves another 25 voicemails and gets 5 prospects to sign up for the newsletter. 

You may only see two appointments booked for the day but there is so much more that is happening in the background. By the time your SDR campaign reaches day 90 he is now able to call 200+ prospects a day, generate 4 qualified leads etc. A successful SDR campaign aggregates over time and peaks in about 90 days. At this point all you have to do is start adding new reps to your Sales development team to generate more leads for your sales team. Just imagine 10 agents generating 40 fully qualified leads per day equal in value to an inbound lead from a Google Ads or SEO campaign.

Benefits of a Sales Development Representative:


A great sales development rep is a powerful machine that can generate unlimited qualified leads for your sales teams.


Things to look out for when launching a Sales Development campaign:


If you are new to the sales development arena keeping an eye on the following points is key.

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