Why Hire a Customer Service Representative in 2020

Why Hire a Customer Service Representative in 2020

Work from Home (WFH) is on the upward tick, and research gives us a unique perspective on the benefits of it.

A Stanford study found that Remote employees, tend to work longer, 9.5% longer than the ones in office, and are more efficient and productive by 13%. Especially in present and post CONVID-19 evolving scenario. This Pandemic, has completely changed the way we look at things, and moving forward this would be the new norm in our busy, hectic lives. For some it’s a blessing in disguise, and for some they need to change their mindset, if they want to stay relevant in future jobs.

People are leaving their Call Canter jobs, and opting for more personalized, dedicated Customer Service Teams for their Clientele/Organizations. That’s where Repstack comes into the picture, Respstack equip these front-end warriors, with the courtesy/knowledge of how to deal with clients/customers, intended customers who may/may not know what a perfect solution would be for their needs/wants. In other words, they play a collaborative role between, Pont of Contact (POC)and Account Managers. How? They know which employees to connect, depending on the query of the customer and SOP’s of an organization. 

5 Reasons why you should opt from Customer Service Rep. working Remotely;

1. Customer Service Galvanizes Loyalty to an Organization

Customer Service Reps. Are the first ones who take on every sort of request, that comes from clientele and usually the first couple of minutes makes or breaks the impression of customer toward an organization.

‘95% of customers say Remote Customer service is an integral part of an Organization’

Clients like the human connection to a business. As it gives them the confidence and trust when speaking over the phone to a customer service Rep. 40% of customer polled liked the way, they were connected to the customer service Department. So now, it’s up to the customer service Rep. and his\her ability to how best deal with the clients. Sort out their issues and give them the required solution or direct them to a resource to tackle their problems, come what may. By hiring remotely, they have bunch of Reps. taking care of the requests, rather than in office where most of the clients have to wait, in order to get entertained. If the response is impressive, then the customer would definitely give that company business, and if it’s the other way around, one bad response/feedback will take away 10 of your future customers as Research shows

2. Customer Service/Tech Support 24/7/365

As we move ahead in these uncertain times, when it comes CONVID-19 pandemic, more of a reason to have a Team of Customer Reps. working for you, because people need support to sort out their hiccups, headaches when it comes to their Hardware or any Software which refuses to get installed. Why use a hard drive, whose important data is wiped out, before an important monthly meeting?

Having said, it is paramount for companies to have well trained, well equipped Customer Reps. so that they can feel and fix theses daily niggles depending on the customer. Customer service is all about helping and satisfying your clientele, Respstack can help you with that, as they have the required experience and resources who will get you there.

3. Manned Channels for Customer Outreach

Nowadays people use all digitally available channels, or platforms to reach out to companies/organizations. So, it is really important, for companies to have these public forums manned or have some king of oversight, so that an intended customer should not be lost in the process.

When it comes to Social Media; 

31% Clients were routed through Twitter

33% Clients came through Facebook Page of the company

60% of Millennial’s contacted Customer Service through Mobile or SMS

66% of Customers used all the above Public Communication Platforms

4. All Doors Open/No Roadblock’s to Entry

As the heading suggests, there are zero barriers to enter this immensely satisfying field i.e. Customer Service. If you had been too, fast food restaurant or just went to a store to buy your daily errands, you must know how this drill works, meaning you must have been greeted by a cashier or a customer rep per se.

Qualities like listening, venting and being soft spoken always gets the game going, when it comes to working remotely. Will to speak, at the right moment, listening and then offering a solution to a customer are certain abilities which everyone can have, as long as they are willing to learn and demonstrate. Skills like multi-tasking, conflict resolution amicably, team work and desire to help people makes Remote Customer Service a humbling and satisfying job.

70% folks say; Success at customer services goes through politeness of a Remote Customer Service Rep.

5. Sufficient Salary and Flexible Schedule 

Most companies pay around $10-15 per hour for working remotely for starters, and may go up depending upon the experience and performance of an employee. Better the skill set, better the payment options. Companies also use Bonuses or commission depending upon quantum of calls attended, emails responded or how may requests entertained.

You can also have a schedule, depending upon your availability meaning you can take up shifts at night, day or holidays if you need extra income. Plus, if you are good at it, you can pick and choose your schedule plus also financials are much better, if you take this as a regular full-time gig.

74% customers wanted Full time Remote Customer Service Reps., as opposed to Part time placements in the present and post CONVID-19 environment.


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