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Zero Guesswork Deploy a Virtual Sales Assistant in your Agency Smoothly


Azhar Siddiqui & Jeff Fisher

How Virtual Sales Assistants can save your time and money

RepStack is a placement agency that provides Virtual Assistants for digital marketing agencies – saving them time and money while giving their teams access to market competitive talent in digital marketing, sales, and account management.

How to Hire, Onboard & Train Virtual Sales Assistant – Workbook

You’re a digital marketing agency owner and ready to hire your first Virtual Sales Assistant to experience massive growth. But how do you get started? Building your own sales force is a lot of work: What do you need to know? How much does it cost? Who should I hire? And how much time will they take away from my day-to-day tasks?! We’ve got all the answers!

Learn the importance of having an onboarding process as you navigate through the interview process, hiring a VA, and training a new VA to learn your agency’s unique mission and current methods of marketing. Click the link above to follow along in the workbook that is going to ensure this is a smooth process for you!

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Sep 22, 2021

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What You Can Expect

Just the critical items, no fluff, no Bluff.

As soon as leads start coming into your agency, the Sales Development Rep can step up to the plate, taking care of any leads coming in through your marketing, and start turning those leads into set discovery calls. Now you won’t keep the potential clients waiting while being busy with other operations and tasks and risk losing them; eventually wasting all the hard work done by the marketing person to bring them in.


Tune in every month as we share strategies, review case studies, and highlight client success stories. Activate massive growth in your agency using Virtual Assistants.

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Sep 22, 2021


Azhar Siddiqui & Jeff Fisher


1hr 7min

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Sep 22, 2021


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