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Virtual Sales Development Reps

You might be thinking, “Is this the right time to hire a Sales Development Rep? How will this sales assistant know my agency, and how can an appointment setter build rapport with potential clients?”

Our Sales Development Reps are ready with go-getter attitudes, tech-savvy skill sets, and a proactive approach. Sales Development Reps take care of your high-priority tasks like following up on leads or booking appointments while freeing up your time for more important things – like closing deals or getting ahead of new opportunities before they become problems!

Experience The Difference When Working With The Best

Virtual Sales Development Rep
For Marketing Agency Services

Our Sales Development Reps for digital marketing agencies are college graduates with fluency in English. These Sales Reps are trained in the must-have digital marketing industry tools. Hit the mark you’ve been eyeing for a long time by working with RepStack. Our Sales Assistants for Digital Marketing Agencies are simply the best around!

Cold Outreach

RepStack provides ongoing training for Sales Development Reps, resulting in 120+ calls a day & 15 high-quality sales appointments per month for their agency. They are the best digital appointment setters.

Managing Communication

Our b2b appointment setters make sure that they absorb your brand tone and voice while managing your entire communication system effectively. Sales assistants for digital marketing agencies become the voice for your agency, taking on tasks and being more productive than even you can be.

Personal Assistance

To grow your agency, you need time to focus on your core strengths. The faster those tasks are handled, the more time you’ll have to focus on revenue-generating activities. Delegate tasks to productive sales assistants for digital marketing agencies.

Manage Social Media Presence

RepStack makes sure that your Virtual Sales Development Rep is well versed in Social Media Management so no messages or comments go unaddressed. These sales reps for digital marketing agencies ensure your agency has a constant presence on social media.

Prospecting & Lead Generation

Our appointment setters for digital marketing agencies process determined focus, persistence, and care to convert leads using tried and tested strategies. Additionally, they can complete email marketing tasks and appointment setting services to increase the probability of your lead generation.

Reduced Company Costs

Have the world at your feet - hire affordable sales assistants without the hassle. We handle all the payments, tax forms, and HR headaches for you. Feel the difference with a Virtual Sales Rep for digital marketing agencies.

Case Studies

Client Case Studies & A Peek Into An Associate’s Day
  • Henry Adams &

    Josh Nelson

    Henry's vast experience in sales has managed to generate an average of 20 extra bookings a month, for his client. "You're crushing it! You're such a great addition to our team."
    Josh Nelson
  • Hafsa Hamid &

    Trevor Bruintjes

    "My production has gone way up. Hafsa is amazing. She gets work exceedingly well then my expectations."

    Trevor Bruintjes
  • Rija Fatima &

    John Victoria

    John's agency was in dire need of some change. He had struggled for years to find a proactive and extroverted VA who could handle a leadership role. We provided exactly that! He honed in on his business model and used Rija's Account Management techniques to organize and manage his lead flow. "She really meets the core values of what we're looking for."

    John Victoria
  • Asmaa Khan &

    Lynn Askin

    Lynn decided on taking Asmaa for all Account Management tasks. Since they made the shift, they have accelerated the growth of their digital marketing agency. "She's been amazing so far, she has done everything we've asked. We're excited to have her as part of the team"

    Lynn Askin
  • Ume Laila &

    Ken Tucker

    Lynn decided on taking Asmaa for all Account Management tasks. Since they made the shift, they have accelerated the growth of their digital marketing agency. "She's been amazing so far, she has done everything we've asked. We're excited to have her as part of the team"

    Ken Tucker

    Managing The Constant Sales Cycle Is Exhausting!

    Automate your sales process with RepStack​!

    Every agency owner knows that closing deals is a huge deal for every digital marketing agency. But it can be hard to keep track of what’s going on in your pipeline every day. There are many different tools and apps on the market, but they don’t talk to each other enough for you to get a good view of your sales mechanisms any time. Your CRM doesn’t play nice with your email client, or you have too many tabs open across 12 different browsers? How do you ever begin tracking leads from social media? It’s no wonder most companies settle for an average conversion rate of 2-3%. That leaves a lot of money on the table! 

    We understand how busy being a digital marketing agency owner is. That is why our virtual sales development reps take care of everything from prospecting calls, email follow ups, to b2b appointment setting. That way you can focus on what matters most – growing your agency. 

    Our sales reps make your life easier by taking over tasks that automate your agency. You’ll never miss another meeting or lose another deal again! Discover the difference with our sales assistants for digital marketing agencies.

    RepStack’s Virtual Sales Development Rep Are Experts At What They Do!

    Ever feel like you need professional help? Our appointment setters for digital marketing agencies can help you put your agency on the growth track. Our sales reps are experts that we’ve handpicked to help you with the day-to-day tasks of your agency. They make great b2b appointment setters and manage all digital appointment schedules

    Worried you can’t afford it? Worry no more…

    RepStack’s Sales Development Reps for marketing agencies perform at the same level or higher than local resources. Plus, they only cost you $14/hr. That’s already a 50% savings right there!

    Virtual Sales Development Rep - Keep your Sales Cycle Rolling!