Let your Account Managers take over all client facing tasks

Building relationships, RepStack managers take on your workload, empowering you to focus on what really matters; Growth!! Our college educated Virtual Assistants speak and write perfect English.

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Refined Agency Sales Rep with ability to sell 5 figure contracts

Imagine a college educated perfectly groomed sales rep to continue the sales process non-stop daily. Our agency sales reps can easily be trained to close complex 5 figure deals from start to finish

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Your new Marketing Assistant will make you smile more

The marketing assistant will take over creating and scheduling of social media posts, engaging with customers and potential clients, putting together sales presentations etc.

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How it Works

  • Discovery Call

    Your requirements drive the candidates’ list that are short-listed for interviews with you

  • Interview

    We present pre-vetted candidates handpicked for your needs. We have a 90%+ approval rate at this stage

  • On-Boarding

    Quick on-boarding with the client with as little as 2 days of lead time

  • Step Back & Grow

    VA starts hitting benchmarks set by you, time to grow the team!

Why choose us?

4 reasons you should hire your first account manager through RepStack

Buy back your time

Let the Account manager take over all client facing tasks

Digital agency sales closer

Our sales rep can be trained to close the most complex 5 figure deals


Best spoken and written English

Clear accents and perfect grammar, we guarantee this

No long term contracts

We build relationships on results not contracts.

Upfront Pricing

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