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3 Key Roles to Hire
For Your Digital Marketing Agency

Virtual marketing assistant working remotely
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Virtual Marketing Assistants will keep the flow of new leads coming in

Virtual sales assistant working remotely
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Virtual sales assistants will be Booking sales calls for the sales closers

Virtual account manager working remotely
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Account Managers Services your clients for higher retention

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Why Hire for these Roles?

Strategic roles designed to activate massive growth for Digital Marketing Agency Owners.

As agency owners we tend to neglect our own agencies marketing, do the sales ourselves and even take care of our clients. This creates a huge bottleneck inside our digital marketing agency keeping us flat on a sales plateau.
The solution is simple, Hire Elite level Virtual Assistants in these three roles:

  1. Marketing Assistants
  2. Sales Assistants
  3. Account Managers
The breakthrough you have been waiting for inside your digital marketing agency is just around the corner. Download our Ultimate 2021 VA hiring guide to learn how you will actually save money (up to $90k/ year) and time while unlocking massive growth by placing these key roles inside your agency
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Upfront Pricing

Sales Assistant

Trained Professionals
14 USD/Hour $1120/ Bi-Weekly
  • Easily close 5 figure deals for you
  • Ability to learn complex sales process
  • Effective follow ups with all your leads
  • 80 - 100 calls a day
  • Can be trained to take Discovery Calls & strategy Sessions
  • Perfect English, both spoken and written
  • College Graduates
  • Can work in any CRM

Marketing Assistant

Trained Professionals
14 USD/Hour $1120/ Bi-Weekly
  • Can effectively run email outreach
  • Ability to manage social media presence
  • Proficient with Graphic design and video editing
  • Effective lead generation for your
  • Can be trained on managing paid
             advertising campaigns
  • Engaging your digital community,
             retaining customers & growing sales
  • Matching US market benchmarks
  • Perfect English, both spoken and written
  • College Graduates
  • CRM Management

Account Manager

Trained Professionals
14 USD/Hour $1120/ Bi-Weekly
  • Takes over all client facing activities

      • Client check-ins & onboardings
      • Communication with internal team
      • Project management
      • Assessing performance benchmarks
      • Communicating reports back to the client
      • Effective follow ups & Upselling to the clients
  • Team Management
  • Matching US market benchmarks
  • CRM Management

How it works?

Discovery Call

Your requirements drive the
candidates’ list that are
short-listed for interviews with you


We present pre-vetted candidates
handpicked for your needs with
90%+ approval rate.


Quick on-boarding with the
client with as little as 2 days
of lead time

Step Back & Grow

VA starts hitting benchmarks
set by you, time to grow
the team!

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