Rudy Hettrick

How to build a marketing agency in the floor coating niche ft Rudy Hettrick

Rudy Hettrick’s Journey to Success

Rudy Hettrick started out young when his first job was working for a moving company – It was then that he developed a strong work ethic and refined his skills. What he learned from this early experience taught him to practice the discipline that was required to be successful in the corporate world. 

As he acquired more experience, he worked tirelessly but came to a point where he felt burn out. He knew the exhaustive nature of corporate sales was not for him and decided to explore how he could practice freedom and become his own boss. 

It was then that he began to build out websites and learn more about the home service industry. A stepping stone towards a greater win – He started his own digital marketing agency in the floor coating niche.

His agency Floor Coating Marketers has been operational for 2 years and they have been knocking it out of the park by closing at least 10 discovery calls a month.

Agency Journey: How to Navigate Through All the Hurdles

Rudy describes his agency journey and how he navigated through all the hurdles. When starting his own business, having that entrepreneurial drive and willingness to fight for what you believe in is key. So if you have those qualities, then there’s no reason why you can’t be a successful digital marketing owner.

Rudy’s claim to success wasn’t all that simple, when he first went into the concrete coating niche, he knew he had to build some authority before he could land clients.

 He shares his advice on what he learned as he navigated through his agency journey.

The Benefits of Narrowing Down Your Focus as an Agency Owner

Most agency owners start out with a generalist model but soon realize that there are many opportunities for growth if they narrow down their focus. So when you niche down keep your clients in mind, because it becomes even simpler for them to understand what you offer.

Here are some of the benefits of sticking to one niche:

  1. Message consistency: 

When you focus on one niche, your marketing messages will be more consistent, because they’ll be coming from the same source. This will help to build trust with your audience over time.

  1. Streamlined processes and systems: 

When you specialize in a niche, you can streamline your processes and systems to make them more efficient. This includes everything from manufacturing to marketing.

  1. Whole team on one page: 

By specializing in a niche, you’ll unify your team around a common goal. This will make it easier for everyone to work together and share ideas.

  1. Increased profits: 

Ultimately, by focusing on a niche, you’ll be able to generate more profits than if you tried to appeal to everyone.

Keys to Closing Deals: Reading the Room

Closing a deal is an art, not just science. While most agencies follow what they believe to be the standard two-step process for closing deals, Rudy realized that sometimes you need to read the room, before putting them through a lot of hassle with followups and calls.

He has kept his agency’s deal closing process simple by considering the most prompting needs of his clients and then proactively offering them a solution.

The Freedom to be Your Own Boss

Rudy’s story is an inspiring one for anyone who has ever felt burnt out by the traditional workforce. His journey to entrepreneurship is a reminder that we all have the potential to be our own bosses if we’re willing to take the lead and follow our own path.

Rudy’s agency Floor Coating Marketer continues to knock it out of the park, proving that his decision to pursue freedom was the right one.

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