RepStack has partnered with Andrew Cass

To provide PipelinePRO Members with hand picked Virtual Marketing Assistants, Sales Reps & Account Managers

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RepStack Partnerships

Repstack provides
Pre trained Virtual Assistants exclusively for PipelinePro members with the ability to fill sales funnels

Imagine a college-educated perfectly groomed sales assistant to continue the sales process non-stop daily. Place them on the front lines as an outreach specialist and appointment setters to keep your sales calendar full consistently.

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Our Virtual Assistants go through a rigorous shortlisting process, where we match them with your requirements. Our Marketing, Sales, and Account Managers come pre-trained on PipelinePRO.

They are capable of handling all your cold outreach, setting appointments on your calendar while also managing your social media presence. We handle all ongoing management, training and accountability of our Virtual Assistants.

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Case Studies

Client Case Studies & a Peek Into VA’s Day

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How it works?

Discovery Call

Your requirements drive the
candidates’ list that are
short-listed for
interviews with you


We present pre-vetted candidates
handpicked for your needs with 90%+ approval rate.


Quick on-boarding with the
client with as little as 2 days
of lead time

Step Back & Grow

VA starts hitting benchmarks
set by you, time to grow
the team!

Pre-Trained VA on PipelinePro

All our VAs go through the RepStack Success Academy, a state-of-the-art training program where they get hands-on training on PipelinePro.

Buy back your time​

Let the Account manager take over all client-facing tasks so you can spend more time on your core strengths.

training with Andrew Cass

The VAs train directly with Andrew Cass twice a month on topics like PipelinePro, sales and effective account management

Best spoken English

Clear accents and perfect grammar, we guarantee this

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Agency Sales Rep

Trained Professionals
$9.95 USD/Hour $796/ Bi-Weekly
  • Perfect English, both spoken and written
  • College Graduates
  • Easily close 5 figure deals for you
  • Ability to learn complex sales process
  • Effective follow ups with all your leads
  • 120+ calls a day
  • Can be trained to take Discovery Calls /
             strategy Sessions

Marketing Assistant

Trained Professionals
$9.95 USD/Hour $796/ Bi-Weekly
  • Perfect English, both spoken and written
  • College Graduates
  • CRM Management
  • Can effectively run email outreach
  • Ability to manage social media presence
  • Effective lead generations for your
  • Can be trained on managing paid
             advertising campaigns
  • Engaging your digital community,
             retaining customers and growing sales
  • Matching local market benchmarks
  • Keep your marketing engine running 24/7

Account Manager

Trained Professionals
$9.95 USD/Hour $796/ Bi-Weekly
  • Perfect English, both spoken and written
  • College Graduates
  • CRM Management
  • Take over all client facing roles
  • Effective follow ups and upsells to current
  • Project Management
  • Assessing performance benchmarks
  • Team Management
  • Matching local market benchmarks

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