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LinkedIn Prospecting: 2 Tips for Effective Cold Messages – Our Guide

In today’s business world, where the competitive atmosphere is more intense than ever, your voice must be heard amid all the noise. This essentially requires you to place a level of importance on effective communication to reach your intended market.

While many may argue that the key to succeeding as a business lies in concise strategies like cold messages and budgeting, communication remains king because messages can significantly influence success. Today, know that customers base most of their purchasing decisions on a firm’s ability to articulate a statement and present the need for their products. 

For businesses that use LinkedIn, the vitality of effective messaging is even more prevalent because of continued efforts to land more opportunities for profit. With more decision-makers on the professional networking platform searching for their next openings for expansion, it’s easy to see why many are using it to close deals. However, the problem with how most business owners use LinkedIn is to treat cold emailing and sudden connection requests as the same thing and expect to achieve the same results – this isn’t the case. 

As opposed to the misconception that a narrow strategy or “one-size-fits-all” approach will easily yield more results and leads, the reality is that generating leads with LinkedIn requires a custom-fit approach. While you may be reaching out to the same professional, the platform’s nuances are essential to consider for more personalized efforts. 

A few crucial tips for high-converting prospecting and cold messages

If you want to ensure that your marketing efforts with LinkedIn cold messages are guaranteed to result in new, qualified leads, then you’ll need to carry out the right approaches along the way. Thankfully, getting everything on the right track and reaping quality results for your efforts can be quickly done by keeping these two tips and tricks in mind: 

Tip #1: Stand out by pitching with a focus on your prospect

One of the most crucial mistakes that LinkedIn beginners make when they are doing cold messages or Linkedin Prospecting is that they come in with a “here’s why you must hire me” mindset. Although this is traditional, the problem with this approach is that decision-makers on the platform are around to find out what’s best for them and not just to see who’s who and what they can do. 

When it comes to impacting a prospective client well enough to intrigue them from the get-go, you must focus on the prospect’s needs (and how you can suit them) and what they do. For instance, an old-fashioned approach by addressing pain points and explaining how you can help will lead to better results!

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Tip #2: Show valuable and visible proof of what you can do with Cold Messages

When it comes to reeling in more results on LinkedIn, any business must understand that decision-makers are inclined towards seeing actual, tangible proof of what’s pitched to them. Contrary to the older days where firms like Stratton Oakmont capitalized on decision-makers’ gullibility by getting by with pure hearsay, today’s CEOs and leaders are wise enough to ask for proof before buying in. 

If you want to get your foot in the door and ease your potential client into a smooth transition from apprehension to full-on listening, you’ll need to pitch with concrete proof. Key bits of information like testimonials, reports, sales page results, and past client work portfolio will help suffice in filling the gap for validation!


When it comes to cold messaging on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to note that there is quite an array of different nuances that need to be tinkered with before you start throwing pitches. However, by considering the tips mentioned above, you won’t ever have to worry about making a bad cold message or prospecting experience ever again!

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