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3 Reasons LinkedIn Direct Messaging Is Great for Sales

Reaching out to people through cold emailing or messages can sometimes feel a little embarrassing. After all, most of us receive plenty of cold solicitations every day that it might feel hypocritical to do the same to someone else. An important point of distinction to make here, though, is that businesses are actually attributing various successes to cold LinkedIn messages.

These messages, when contrasted with other cold communication, tend to be more personal. After all, you know that they aren’t sent en masse like most cold emails are. If they’re well-written and have impeccable grammar, LinkedIn messages can actually have a much higher return of investment than other popular types of marketing. 

Need more convincing? Here are three reasons LinkedIn direct messaging can greatly improve your sales:

It Gives You Direct Contact to Decision-Makers

With other forms of cold messaging, you’re never really too sure if your messages end up with the right people—that is, people who have the authority to make decisions at their company. Even if your message is convincing enough, it may not amount to anything if it falls into the wrong hands.

With LinkedIn direct messaging, though, you’ll have direct access to business decision-makers. This is because most of them are actually on LinkedIn! In fact, according to the company itself, four out of five LinkedIn members drive business decisions. It also has over half a billion professionals on its platform. That’s plenty of opportunities to boost sales!

It Creates a Connection

LinkedIn messages tend to be warmer and more personal than cold emails—and this entices people to spend more time reading your message instead of closing it immediately like they would on an email. Since the conversation feels more casual, the other party would be more inclined to reply and engage with you. Even though it has a more informal setting, it doesn’t lose any of the credibility of a professional meeting: both your credentials are attached to your profiles, establishing trust between you two. 

It’s Faster Than Cold Email 

Another perk of LinkedIn direct messaging is that it delivers results much faster than cold emails. Think about it: you are so used to ignoring cold emails in your inbox that you’re less likely to open them, but cold messages in your LinkedIn inbox are a rarer occurrence. You’d be more interested in what they have to say, plus it might present an amazing opportunity for you. Given the chat format of LinkedIn’s direct messaging, the conversation will flow much faster. 

Additionally, managing the messages you send out on LinkedIn is far easier than other forms of cold messaging. With cold calling, you’ll have to go through a whole routine of looking for their telephone number, making sure it works, being put on hold, or having to call back because the person wasn’t available. With LinkedIn direct messaging, all you have to do is create a well-crafted and personalized message, and you’re good to go. 


LinkedIn has quickly evolved into a contender for marketing your business online. With its impressive user statistics and proven return of investment, more and more businesses are flocking to the network to amplify their sales. With just a little research and strategic but casual message, you may well be on your way to boosting your sales through LinkedIn!

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