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3 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn to Boost Your Closing Rates – Our Guide

For any sales representative or sales development strategist, there’s one key metric that will never lose its significance all throughout their career: closing rates.

Often seen as the bread and butter of any sales professional’s defining details, closing rates act as a well-rounded assessment of a professional’s capabilities. The way it works is direct enough: The higher the closing rate is, the better they are at their job, making them worth working with. On the other hand, the lower their closing rate is, the worse they are at their jobs, making them a must-avoid for anyone. 

Over time, many companies and professionals alike have devoted their efforts to the science of closing sales by developing tools to ease up the process of garnering sales. LinkedIn, however, has set itself apart above all available tools because of its distinguished ability to make the process of prospecting, qualifying, and closing deals for success much easier!

What is LinkedIn, and how can it help you boost your close rates?

With a reputation as one of the most effective B2B marketing platforms in the industry today, LinkedIn has established itself as a go-to tool for every sales representative looking for profit.

As a testament to the growing importance of social media in the purchase decision process, this platform has defined and set the standards for successful practices each year. It also holds a key role in moving, shaking, and revolutionizing industries thanks to the power of convenient communication and easier networking. 

Thanks to its ability to zone in on B2B connections, LinkedIn has also helped many sales representatives because of how it levels the playing field. This transition means that the question is no longer “what’s the best way to boost my close rates,” but more of “how can I use LinkedIn to boost my closing rates?”

Answering the question at hand

While the experience that one sales rep has on the professional networking platform can differ from another, there are three tips that can help boost the potential and performance of your efforts:

Tip #1: Check out your prospect’s profile

If there’s any factor that sets one successful strategy apart from one that fails, it would definitely be the presence of thorough client research, which is best done by studying a prospect’s profile.

It may seem quite trivial at first, but the whole process of checking out a potential client’s LinkedIn profile helps you know more about them. Aside from letting a client know that you’d like to partner up with them, checking out their profile makes it easier to pull in information that will allow you to build a stronger introduction that’s bound to convert!

Tip #2: Work with the power of common interests

After learning more about a potential client, it’s time to leverage the power of common interests to your advantage.

As opposed to an impersonal elevator pitch, knowing your potential connection’s interests makes it easier to craft your message into a move that implores them to act on your offer. Whether it may be someone that you both follow, an interest you both share, or a topic you’re both passionate about, a common factor you share is a tool to boost your closing rate!

Tip #3: Let your message show what you can do for them

Instead of going with the “here’s why I’m great” spiel, you should change your outreach efforts and boost your closing rates by focusing more on how you can help your potential client. If you want a message that truly works and resonates with a client well enough to make them sign up for your products and services, making your message about them and how you can help with reaching their goals will work best!


When it comes to reeling in more clients and boosting your closing rates, LinkedIn is a tool that you should start investing your time and resources in. With the help of the tips mentioned above, you can take your efforts up a notch immediately and outfit them with the best practices that are bound to get the best results in no time!

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