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4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When It Comes to LinkedIn Outreach

One of the most professional and best social media platforms for connecting and business is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a business-oriented platform where companies can connect to employees, increase professional network, and post job vacancies. 

LinkedIn has a different personality compared to other social media websites. Since this website is more business-focused, some people don’t approach the platform correctly and couldn’t maximize its features. With LinkedIn, you’ll need to take a different approach to successfully connect and expand your network. With this, people are bound to make numerous mistakes, ultimately decreasing their LinkedIn outreach. Below are four common mistakes that you should avoid to improve your LinkedIn outreach:

Forgetting that LinkedIn is a professional space

Social media platforms are known to be relaxed online spaces for people to interact. However, this isn’t entirely true with LinkedIn. Being a business-oriented site, you need to interact with other users more professionally.

Curate the media that you post on your LinkedIn page because this platform is a branding tool. Other professionals will not care about what you had for lunch or your vacation photos; instead, they’re more interested in the work you do for your company.

Spamming and expecting responses from professionals

Many LinkedIn users forget that sending messages to people to force them to connect with you will ultimately put you in their spam list. It’s always good to remember to only connect to the people who are relevant to your industry. 

The reason people connect with you on LinkedIn is that you are part of the same industry. This means you’ll find and receive relevant content that may benefit both parties. If you message and connect with people who ultimately do not want to be part of your network, it will throw them off. It’s an incredibly damaging tactic and won’t help your brand’s image and LinkedIn outreach.

Overselling your products and services

Another thing you should remember is not to force your content on other people. If you want other professionals to notice your services and products, it’s always best to approach this professionally. 

The best way for people to know your company and to expand your network is through consensual submission. Develop relationships with professional messages by asking them politely if they may be interested in your content. The healthiest business relationships grow slowly, so take time to build your network appropriately.

Posting and sharing inconsistent content

Nothing screams unprofessional more than inconsistent content. Many people forget that when you post content that’s inconsistent, irrelevant, and unprofessional, it makes you lose your credibility online.

Make sure you are continually being responsible for what you post by proofreading your content, checking for errors, and advertising relevant industry services. 

When you stop being responsible for what you post, chances are, people will stop connecting with you, and you’ll lose more people in your network. This may damage your brand and company’s image as much as your own.


LinkedIn is a handy social media platform if you want to connect with like-minded business professionals. Unlike other social media websites, LinkedIn demands professionalism and greater responsibility because you are ultimately carrying with you your company’s name. When you avoid these four common mistakes, you will improve your LinkedIn outreach and eventually curate a professional network.

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