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6 Appointment Setting Tips Sure to Get Leads Through That Sales Funnel

 Sales Funnels are extremely important for turning your web traffic into customers on automation. Sales funnel is a collection of marketing tactics used to drive traffic to your business and nurture it so that it becomes a loyal customer who advocates for you. 

There are days when getting someone through the sales funnel is especially difficult. Sometimes leads just don’t follow through, and the goals that aren’t being met become a constant frustration. If this is a pattern you’ve seen often enough, it may be time to consider making use of sales appointment setting services. 

What are appointment setting services?

Appointment setting services—or B2B appointment setting—is a sales process that involves representatives making cold calls and follow-ups with leads. Doing so is meant to secure a sales meeting with another representative, who intends to close the sale with a more detailed pitch. Marketing a business involves turning other businesses from being leads into customers—and lead generation is one of the most critical steps to get the ball rolling.

Once leads have been generated, the appointment setting process comes into the picture. It comes in two parts: first, setting up the appointment, and second, closing the deal. Sounds relatively simple, right? In reality, this is one of the most time-consuming parts of making a sale. 

Whether you are planning to set appointments yourself or looking for reliable B2B appointment setting services, here are six tips on setting a sales appointment that will go through that sales funnel:

1. Do not lose sight of your goals

A salesperson should always have two goals. The first is to close the sale and get a new client. However, the immediate goal is to get the lead to the next stage of the sales process—which you’ll need to bear through the process first!

2. Confirm that your sales prospect is available for the call

This might be a debatable sales tip, but opening the call by asking if the potential client is free immediately shows that you respect their time. No prospect enjoys being ambushed; as such, doing this primary step makes them more open to taking a call while buying you a few minutes to prepare your pitch. 

3. Practice your elevator pitch

Once your prospect has confirmed his or her availability, go ahead with your elevator pitch. It should be a quick one or two-sentence pitch that shows the potential client what you can offer. One way to effectively do this is to deliver a value statement or proposition; often, this is enough to get the ball rolling!

4. Don’t sound like a salesperson

Related to the second point, don’t sound or act like a salesperson. The chances that several other salespeople have called your prospects and wasted their time are very high—do not be one of them!

You can help the prospect feel at ease by probing their openness for the conversation before launching into your sales pitch. 

5. Probe well with good questions

One of the best ways to prepare for a prospective client is to have good probing questions at the ready. These are questions that engage the client and warm them up to you. Good questions will likely get you more valuable information than unplanned questions.

6. Build enough interest to close for the appointment

At this stage of the sales process, there is no pressure to build the prospective client’s interest to get them to purchase. The goal of setting an appointment is to cultivate just enough curiosity and interest so that the prospect will want to follow through. 


A good appointment setter must:
  • Be able to take “no” for an answer. Appointment setters need to be stubborn, but not in a way that they keep pushing what they want on your sales leads.
  • Be able to talk, and talk, and talk.
  • Be motivated by the end result. 
  • Be able to accept criticism. 
  • Have significant working experience.


Whether or not you decide to set appointments yourself or use a B2B service depends entirely on your business needs. If you have the luxury of time, it will be advantageous as you have full control over how the calls are made. If not, a B2B service might be just what your business needs.

A good appointment setting company should provide you with several options when it comes to sales appointments. Repstack offers qualified sales leads, a powerful phone system, and results-based agreements to give customers more flexible choices. Get in touch with us today to find out more!

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