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A Quick Guide to Hiring a Virtual Marketing Assistant

During the past months, the whole world has seen a significant shift from physical operations to remote work. 

That said, did you know that teleworking has been on the rise even before the pandemic happened? Workers have already been spending at least some time working remotely. On top of that, some firms even have a completely remote setup. 

With the global health crisis showing no signs of slowing down, remote work is well on its way to becoming the future of work indeed. 

While this transition may be overwhelming for your digital marketing agency, the good news is that today’s technology makes it easier for distributed teams to collaborate. Furthermore, various collaboration and online conferencing tools can support remote day-to-day operations. 

There’s also another way for you to expand your agency’s capabilities while embracing remote work—by hiring a virtual marketing assistant. 

What Does A Virtual Marketing Assistant Do? 

As the name suggests, he or she is a self-employed worker who can help you with certain marketing tasks. You can assign him to create and schedule social media posts. You may also have him work on sales presentations and social media engagement efforts. 

His skills and experience can help you with several tasks, ultimately freeing you to focus on your core responsibilities. 

How Do You Find the Right Virtual Marketing Assistant for Your Agency? 

Ideally, having a virtual marketing assistant will ease up your load by taking small, repetitive marketing tasks off your plate. It will also allow you to have more time and energy to work on core tasks, such as getting more sales and growing your agency. 

That said, hiring and finding the right Virtual Associate for digital marketing agencies may be quite tricky. 

You will need to be thorough and meticulous when screening candidates. To help you out, here are some skills that you must look for: 

  • Creative thinking
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills 
  • Fluency in English (both spoken and written) 

Furthermore, here are some traits that will help you find a great assistant among the sea of candidates: 

  • Self-motivated and organized
  • Passionate and results-driven 
  • Independent worker but also a team player
  • Punctual
  • Easily accessible through phone, email, or chat 
  • Responsive to feedback

As you will be working with your virtual marketing assistant remotely, you need to find someone who is self-motivated. You’ll want someone who knows how to prioritize their tasks and strives to complete all of them on time and with excellence. 

Moreover, you need someone who can work independently and solve problems on their own. They naturally need to be trained during their first few days. However, they must pick up the intricacies of the daily tasks and work any issues moving forward.

Ultimately, you need a virtual marketing assistant who is a reliable communicator. Remember that your only point of contact with them is through the phone, email, or your internal messaging tool. You will only be able to achieve success as a distributed agency if your team members communicate and collaborate with others well. 

You might also want to ensure that your Virtual Associate has great English skills. Doing so will help ensure smooth collaboration and save you from headaches due to communication breakdowns!


The ongoing pandemic prompted remote working arrangements and virtual meetings to take center stage. On top of that, remote work is expected to continue flourishing even after COVID-19. Hiring a virtual marketing assistant as you adjust to this setup can greatly help your digital marketing agency. With the right assistant and the great management, you will have more time and energy to close more sales and grow your firm! 

Hire your virtual marketing assistant with RepStack! Our college-educated virtual assistants can be easily trained to take over social media and other supporting tasks. Contact us at (855) 519-1069 to book a discovery call! 

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