Aligning Your Passion With Your Niche/Profession

Aligning Your Passion With Your Niche/Profession

Meet Amy Dix – Two-Time No. 1 International Bestseller Author! 

Before starting her own agency, Amy worked in the distribution industry for quite some time where she spent several less joyful years as an employee. Fortunately for her, she left the position and began her journey as a marketing agency owner.

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Early on in her agency business, she realized that she needed to connect with her clients in a way that was different from what others were doing. This is what led her to publish her first book “Brand New You”. With this successful publication, Amy was now able to dig deep into the psychological aspect of marketing. 

In the meantime, she wrote her second book “Seven More Days” in which she primarily discussed her mom’s death from cancer and how this led her to spread positivity. Interestingly, this second publication had no connection with her first one or even with her current company.

Long story short, after a long-winded journey, she ended up owning and running her new agency called “Authority Speakers Agency” which aims at helping authority speakers book more stages. 

Let’s now learn how to align your passion with your Niche the Amy Dix Way! 

Failed to Connect in the Niche you Chose for your Agency? – Here’s Why 

Sometimes agency owners are unable to connect with the audience and they fail to grow within their Niche. Why does this happen?

  • Lack of Passion
  • Do not care enough about the Customers in your Niche
  • Misalignment with the Industry

Although some agencies might be able to grow in the Niche that they are not passionate about, this growth will eventually flatten out over time. 

Amy’s Three Pillars to Happiness – Character, Connection & Community 

In her second book, Amy talks about her three pillars of happiness – Character, Connection, and Community. Here, character relates to your mindset, connections are linked with your relationships and community is where you operate. 

According to Amy’s research, connections are the most important and crucial aspect when it comes to the pursuit of happiness. Having the right connections will keep you and your business rolling! 

Using Podcasts & Facebook Ads for Marketing – Amy’s way of Advertising

Amy’s marketing picked up organically when she started her podcast “Unlocking Happiness”. Through her guest speakers, she got the audience that she was looking for. Using podcasts as a tool for marketing your business is definitely a key takeaway from Amy’s journey and her experience. 

Additionally, Amy has relied heavily on Facebook Ads despite the general belief about those having low conversion rates. The secret, again, is that Amy and her team found a market that needed their platform and that they were actively looking for businesses in her Niche. 

The Higher the Price Point, The Better – Pricing your Packages 

It’s as simple as it gets – Charging a premium price for good quality should be your go-to solution when it comes to pricing your packages. Anything less and you fall prey to providing bad quality with the least passion. 

It’s important to understand the needs of your customers and to align your package with what they’re looking for in order to create value for them. Do keep in mind that this understanding comes with a hefty yet justifiable price tag for the services that are being offered. 

Showing Care & Love – A Recipe for Retention

In some cases, especially in the Niche that Amy is working in, client retention is done simply by showing extra care and by ensuring that these people feel loved. It’s important to constantly stay in touch with your clients and strengthen your communication in order to move them from the perceived indifference stage to having complete trust in your business!    

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