Carpet Cleaning with John Clendenning

Carpet Cleaning Marketing Chat with John Clendenning

On this podcast show, I had the pleasure of speaking with one of RepStack’s clients and a fellow Canadian who has excelled in the carpet cleaning niche, John Clendenning, owner of the successful digital marketing agency, Carpet Clean Marking Masters. With a steady stream of an average of 32 clients, John shares some of the secrets he’s used to growing from a 50k-a-year business to a 500k-a-year marketing agency. Like most digital marketing agency owners, he started his business as a side hustle with a broad range and learned the importance of choosing a niche and working with a business coach. 

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John Clendenning, An Expert in Carpet Cleaning Niche

John talks about his thirty-year journey where he started opening a window cleaning company while he was still in high school. His school project was to write a business plan and submit it to the bank for their feedback. The plan was so good that the bank approved it, and with the money, John and his friend started a window cleaning company that later grew into a franchise across Canada. 

Eventually, John moved through the business world to a point where fellow cleaning industries were asking him for help with their presence in the digital space. They needed help with their Yelp profiles, which led to John creating a consulting business to help these companies advertise online. Just recently John sold his last brick-and-mortar cleaning franchise, and now he’s making half a million a year with his digital marketing agency simply because he learned to do it for himself and now can digitally advertise for the cleaning industry which he knows in and out. 

The key elements discussed in this podcast include the following: 

  • John’s amazing journey into the carpet-cleaning marketing niche. 
  • How a successful digital marketing agency starts with learning to market your agency first. 
  • The importance of working with a business coach.
  • How John launched a marketing setup to pull in clients – using RepStack Virtual Marketing assistants for digital marketing agencies.
  • Getting to work with the best appointment setters to put his agency into high growth. 

Tune in monthly as we share strategies, review case studies, and highlight client success stories. Activate massive growth in your agency using Virtual Assistants.

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