How to Write an Effective LinkedIn Cold Outreach Message – Our Guide

Outbound sales on LinkedIn are similar to introducing yourself on the first day of class or work. While you might have an understanding of who your clients are, it’s impossible to know them all on a deeper level. That being said, you can approach them in ways that aren’t off-putting and instead focus on making a real, working connection. When engaging in cold outreach on LinkedIn, here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

Tip #1 – Find something in common 

Because you can find out about a person’s job title, role, work history, educational background, and other interests on LinkedIn, it’s easier to find a way to connect with them. Consider what you and your lead might have in common, whether it be about the industry you’re in, any groups that you both belong to, or general interests. Use this information to craft a message that is targeted and personal. Tailor it in such a way that your receiver feels comfortable and confident enough to have a real conversation with you. 

Tip #2 – Ask a mutual connection to introduce you

If you and a potential buyer have a mutual connection, it may be easier to make the sale if you can be brought together by someone who can vouch for you and your work ethic. A mutual connection can lead you in with a group chat until you decide to reach out to your potential buyer on your own. Alternatively, you can approach them yourself, mentioning that you are both connected by a mutual party. 

Tip #3 – Keep it short and simple

Approach LinkedIn messaging the way you would an instant message instead of an email. Keep things concise and relevant—remember, how long your message is can dictate whether or not a lead will reply to you. While you want to keep your messages short and straight-to-the-point, you still want to convey warmth by avoiding being too blunt or abrasive. Mention something about their experiences that have piqued your interest. 

Tip #4 – Don’t sell right away

As a rule of thumb, when making a LinkedIn direct outreach, never open up with a sale. Anyway, you don’t want to have to beg a potential buyer to purchase your product. Instead, keep in mind that while you do want to make a sale, that your main goal should be to make a connection. 

Tip #5 – Give prospects a reason to reply

Not everyone is enticed to reply to a stranger, especially if they aren’t given a good reason to. While you want to focus on building a connection, you also want to make your message actionable. To encourage your prospects to respond, include a question at the end of your message that can only apply to someone like your prospect. It can involve their experiences or expertise, whatever puts them in a position to be helpful. After all, prospects love being asked for their insight!


Cold outreaches can be pretty hit-or-miss depending on how you craft your messages. In the end, it’s all about being relatable and finding a bit of common ground. You don’t want to scare prospects away by being too hard-sell, nor do you want to keep them guessing, so always write your messages in a simple and straightforward manner. 

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