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Long before the term “Digital Marketing” came into play Andrew Cass began to explore what “Internet Marketing” really was – and how he could use it for business. He was previously working as a stockbroker but felt burnt out with the grind of investment banking. His quest then led him on a journey to explore how the internet can be used as a powerful marketing tool. 

As an investment banker, he got to have a close look at how sales work because it involved calling and interacting with clients continuously. As a result of this exposure and experience, it led him into becoming an entrepreneur who knows what they need. He then went on on his entrepreneurial journey after becoming a “Sales Expert”. 

Similarly, like most agency owners the pain point for Andrew was not having the time and the flexibility at work – And still being able to hit that 7 figure mark. His intuition of investing early rewarded him well, by enrolling in coaching programs he learned some great sales skills and acquired the knowledge and expertise to proactively close deals.

Today Andrew Cass is the co-founder of Pipeline Pro – A unique system that simplifies CRM for funnel building. You can simply ‘plug and play – it exudes simplicity in abundance! The system is designed to help sales and marketing professionals to be more efficient in their work, and to make it easier for them to build funnels.

Andrew shares the secret sauce to Agency Success

Digital marketing is an evolving industry. As such, there are new strategies and tactics that experts like Andrew can share with you to help your agency grow in today’s competitive marketplace! 

If you’re currently starting your digital marketing agency, here are some key insights from Andrew Cass.

  • Condense Time – Coach and Learn!

Keen on jumping the hoops to growth?

No doubt success takes time, but here’s how you can Condense Time by investing in coaching programs, these benefit you by:

  1. Providing knowledge and tools 
  2. Maintain accountability
  3. Tracking your progress
  4. Improve faster than before

Cross the finish line before your competitors by working smarter not harder!

  • Invest in your Community  – Network your way to success!

A great strategy to build a strong and vibrant community is to create a group of supportive individuals who can help you with problems. Utilizing live chat and interactions will allow you to do this. In turn, this will help with client retention.

By networking and building relationships with others, you will be able to create a supportive community that will stick by you through thick and thin. This is a great way to build a strong foundation for your business. 

By investing in your community, you will be investing in your success.

Andrew emphasizes more on client retention rather than any other SAAS platform. He has mentioned that he has “six tiers of support and retention”.

He describes that he has a Customer Success Manager who helps with the members training, coaching group, help library with tutorials, live chat, Facebook and more. All of these address queries of the users of Pipeline Pro and provide hands-on help. 

Consequently, this aids in the better experience of the users and also keeps them engaged. By doing so, it increases the client retention rate for Pipeline Pro. Andrew recommends this to agency owners to maintain Client Retention.

  • Streamline your Sales Process 

When it comes to closing deals, your sales team is essential. They are the ones who interact with potential customers and clients, build relationships, and ultimately secure the sale.

As an agency owner, you have the luxury of being able to oversee the sales process rather than having to deep dive into it. This means that you can focus on other aspects of running your business while your sales team takes care of closing deals.

When Pipeline Pro’s Andrew gets a sales order on his phone, he knows that it will be taken care of because his fulfilment team is already on the job!

Propel your agency forward with these tactics

We all know that Internet Marketing is always changing – but did you also realize just how quickly things are evolving? It’s crucial to stay on top of the latest trends in order to be successful. 

The good news: once you grasp these concepts, they’ll become second nature and can help propel your agency forward!

So, what tactics are you going to start using in your own agency now?

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