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Promote Growth In Your Agency With An Account Manager


Azhar Siddiqui & Jeff Fisher

Experience the rapid growth of your Digital Marketing Agency With An Account Manager

Every digital marketing agency needs to grow and experience rapid growth when just beginning. And it’s not just about taking on new clients. You also need to have a plan in place for your team that is going to be growing right along with your agency! The best way to do this is by hiring an Account Manager who can help you develop strategies that will help everyone grow at the same time, retain your existing clients, and even upsell.

Click the link below to follow along in the workbook that is going to ensure this is a smooth process for you!

How to Hire, Onboard & Train Account Managers – Workbook

Learn the importance of having an onboarding process as you navigate through the interview process, hiring a VA, and training a new VA to learn your agency’s unique mission and current methods of marketing.

Digital marketing agency owners and managers who are looking for a solution to their growth problems would reap benefits from this episode. Listen to this podcast for more information about how an Account Manager can help promote growth in your agency by taking several tasks off your plate!

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Sep, 17, 2021

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Sep, 17, 2021


Azhar Siddiqui & Jeff Fisher


58 min 46 sec

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Sep, 17, 2021


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