PPC Ad Labs: Rob Warner’s SEO Journey

PPC Ad labs began when Rob began to help out people with their google ads

When you’re at a certain point in your career, it can be difficult to find new challenges that will make you grow. Rob Warner knows this all too well. Previously working as an accountant Rob found himself at a crossroads. He had reached the top of his field and felt there was no room for growth in this position – until he discovered PPC Ad Labs!

PPC Ad labs began when Rob began to help out people with their google ads, he started out with just a few customers but gained momentum fast. There’s no denying that Rob’s enthusiasm for data structuring is what got him to seal his dream deal, as he took on the work but delegated the selling aspect of it to build a successful system.

Rob’s story is one of hard work, perseverance, and sheer determination. He began his journey as an agency owner in 2012 but by 2020 he had grown to be a multi-7 figure entrepreneur despite being an introvert! Today Rob onboards at least 70 customers every month with clients from various niches.

When Rob was just starting out, he had a lot of questions and uncertainty about how all this worked. He offers his insights for those who want to get into digital marketing.

Seize the best Marketing opportunities

It’s easy to feel intimidated starting out as agency owner – you wonder what will happen if you lose all your clients one day or even your revenue? This may not even be your fault but to avoid the worst, here are some pointers for how you can seize the best opportunities. That too without stressing too much over the marketing budget.

  • Training – An Integral Stop To Growth
  • Mimic Your Own Marketing 
  • Retain Your Market Position

Training – An Integral Step To Growth.

One of the most important things to think about when it comes time for Marketing strategy is what’s going on one step ahead. That means that training needs a place in your plan, because without great skills and expertise you won’t be able do anything well enough or at all!

Rob developed training elements for his business. He used webinars to train people how they could become the best customers, and this was charged at a price which generated revenue in long run rather than allocating same budget on marketing efforts.

It’s not enough to just put all your eggs in one basket and hope that everything falls into place the way you want it to. You have to be proactive, think ahead, and plan for contingencies. That means having a well-rounded marketing strategy with training as an integral part of it. 

Rob has shown us that this is a successful approach that can generate revenue long term. Have you ever tried incorporating training into your marketing? If not, now might be the time to start!

Mimic Your Own Marketing

Marketing can be challenging and it’s easy for agencies to slip up. But, with some strategic planning you’ll find that your own marketing efforts will improve drastically!

A problem that is common to many marketing agencies is that

 “they don’t know how to do the marketing for themselves”

They are great at marketing but they fail to acknowledge the importance of running their own. Rob also goes on to mention how 90 out of 100 marketing agencies lack a solid client acquisition system, so by improving this you can yield more success in your agency.

Retain Your Market Position 

The key to success in any business is to find a market position that is difficult for others to replicate. This could be anything from a unique selling proposition to a niche market. Whatever it is, it needs to be something that gives you a competitive advantage. Once you have found your market position, ensure that you retain it.

Virtual Assistant as a Safe investment Recommended by PPC Ad Labs

A safe pair of valuable hands can really make the difference, all your work comes to a halt if your freelance is on vacation or gets sick, but with a virtual assistant, you get that consistency that enables you to scale faster!

Seek what inspires you – Outgrow your expectations!

Rob Warner’s story is an inspiration to anyone feeling stuck in their career. He reached the top of his field, but found no room for growth. So he started his own business, PPC Ad Labs, and has been able to help many people achieve their marketing goals.


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