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Episode 1 – Secret Tips To Hiring Virtual Assistants Successfully

In this episode, I outline what to look out for when hiring a Virtual Assistant and how Repstack ensures the quality of work from its VAs. Learn the importance of having an onboarding process as you navigate through the interview process, hiring a VA, and training a new VA to learn your agency’s unique mission and current methods of marketing. Click the link above to follow along in the workbook that is going to ensure this is a smooth process for you! 

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How to Hire, Onboard & Train Virtual Assistants – Workbook

Hiring a Virtual Associate will come with a bunch of benefits for the business. It’s easier to have a helping hand while you manage the operations of the digital marketing agency. You could be focusing on more crucial areas while letting Virtual Account Managers take care of the daily tasks that are needed to keep the wheels running. This not only eases your workload but also decreases the stress that comes with running and business. This is going to save you a lot of precious time! 

Let’s not forget the cost-effectiveness of hiring virtually – lesser salaries and operational expenses. With all the saved time and cost, and a Sales Development Rep working 8 hours a day, your agency will grow successfully. 

There are three key roles to hire for inside your digital marketing agency:

  1. Marketing assistant
  2. Sales Assistant
  3. Account manager

The first position that you should consider hiring is the Marketing Assistant. Why is that so? The marketing assistant is the person to start off with by letting them handle the marketing tasks. We understand how essential marketing is to a company, but as owners get busy with the day-to-day operations. Marketing is the area that is most commonly neglected, and as soon as leads stop coming in digital marketing agency owners realize they’re in a state of emergency while nothing is being taken care of. A strategically placed Marketing Assistant can step in, take over tasks such as running email campaigns, help with the outreach, and generate leads on a daily basis. They stay on top of lead management to keep the marketing engine running 24/7.

The second placement, the Sales Rep or Appointment Setter, comes in at this stage. As soon as leads start coming in, the Sales Development Rep can step up to the plate, taking care of any leads coming in through your marketing, and start turning those leads into set discovery calls. Now you won’t keep the potential clients waiting while being busy with other operations and tasks and risk losing them; eventually wasting all the hard work done by the marketing person to bring them in.

Once the clients are onboarded with the agency, an Account Manager ensures retention. They keep in touch with all of the accounts (clients) so they don’t feel left out after choosing to do business with you. They handle all their queries, concerns, and daily communications. You get to maintain a good relationship with them and ensure they stay loyal to the business by putting in that dedication through your Account Manager.

Tune in every month as we share strategies, review case studies, and highlight client success stories. Activate massive growth in your agency using Virtual Assistants.

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