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Signs You Need to Start Outsourcing Your B2B Appointments

When it comes to the tasks of building a pipeline or closing a sale, 64% of sales leaders chalked up more difficulties towards the former. With a strong sales force and excellent training program in place, the next logical step is filling your pipeline with qualified buyers. However, if your leads are filtering out of your funnel and failing to become sales appointments, it may be time to outsource an appointment setting company. Here’s how you can tell you’re in need of a hand. 

Sign #1 – You’re Spending Too Much Time Nurturing Leads

If your sales reps are heading into meetings with prospective buyers thinking they’re going to close a sale only to find that they aren’t quite ready to make the jump, you could be in a bit of trouble. Sales reps shouldn’t be spending time inquiring about a prospect’s needs and wants—they simply need to close a deal. 

Through appointment setting services, professionals can identify sure leads from the get-go and move them through a funnel while your sales reps work to prepare for their first meeting. 

Sign #2 – Incomplete and Duplicate Data is Hampering Your Results

Considering today’s data-driven sales environment, it’s imperative to maintain accurate reports within your company’s CRM. Complete data allows you to make more informed decisions regarding leads that are worth pursuing and helps marketing teams create more personalized campaigns. 

A professional appointment setter will know how to draw more information from a lead, arming your sales reps with important information such as industry details, pain points, and other customized talking points. Not to mention, full-service firms can help manage customer data by eliminating duplicates, appending new information, and merging or splitting lists for segmentation. 

Sign #3 – Moving Leads is Taking Too Long

While losing a lead is significantly worse than taking up too much time to move them along your sales funnel, it can be a hindrance to the rest of your efforts. Professionals can build relationships with prospects as they direct them towards a decision by qualifying them quickly, determining their intent, and identifying their needs. 

Sign #4 – Your Sales Reps Lack Relevant Information

When heading into a first meeting, your sales reps need to be perfectly primed regarding the products and services you offer and the industries you serve. Additionally, they’ll need to nurture a basic understanding of each of your prospects in order to meaningfully engage with their needs and desires. 

Tackling a meeting with an outsourced B2B appointment setting fully prepared to focus on real issues assures prospects that you’re seriously working towards building a working relationship with a human touch. It also keeps them from turning to your competitors. 

Sign #5 – You’re Wasting Too Many Resources

The purpose of securing a lead is to make a profit. If you cut corners and spend more time collecting information and qualifying leads, you get caught up in the nurturing cycle and never leave it. Long-drawling sales cycles can cut into your ROI and hamper your sales team’s morale. 

By outsourcing appointment setting, you remove the risk of unproductive overhead by knowing service costs upfront. Plus, you can better manage your resources knowing your sales team is well-prepared. 


By putting lead follow-ups in the hands of professionals, you can rest assured that your conversion rates will skyrocket. By being able to zero in on other important aspects of your operations, you’ll have greater confidence in your projections and more control over your sales funnel. 

At RepStack, we employ only the best remote sales development reps who can enhance your sales process from wherever you are in the world. Work with us today to start turbo-charging your business growth!

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