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Client Success Interview with Josh Nelson of the Seven Figure Agency

Today’s episode included a very special guest and my mentor, Josh Nelson from the 7 Figure agency. You’ve probably heard Josh’s name on this podcast frequently because he’s a popular mentor for all thriving digital marketing agency owners. His program is the absolute best for those who want to scale their marketing agency quickly and efficiently. Josh certainly knows the power behind using Virtual Assistants, such as Cold Emailing experts for digital marketing agencies.

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Josh Nelson & his 7 Figure Agency Journey

In this special episode, Josh shares his journey into creating his highly successful coaching business, how he has helped hundreds of digital marketing agencies earn seven figures a year, and how RepStack is now one of the most successful Virtual Assistant services that even Josh hires from. 

One of the number one things I appreciate about Josh’s journey is that he didn’t start out as a business coach for digital marketing agencies. He has done everything that he teaches other agency owners by sticking to a niche with his agency, which is in plumbing and HVAC SEO. Through his years of experience, now hiring 30 employees to manage over 100 clients and making over 7 figures a year, he teaches the quickest way to experience that type of growth to other agency owners. 

The key elements discussed in this podcast include: 

  • How the first step for digital marketing agency owners to experience immense growth is to focus on a niche – stick to what you already know best. 
  • That reaching the 7 figure mark is a five-year journey. 
  • How failure is not the end, and how to rejuvenate your agency when you’ve reached a breaking point. 
  • How Josh Nelson’s book, Seven Figure Agency, genuinely helps agency owners. 

Tune in every month as we share strategies, review case studies, and highlight client success stories. Activate massive growth in your agency using Virtual Assistants.

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