Diverse Recruiting Experts

The Diverse Recruiting Experts Interview 2021

On today’s special episode, I have not just one but two guests on the show! Jeff Fisher and Cody Horton, co-owners of Diverse Recruiting Experts. These two share their amazing journey as individuals, partners, and close friends. Starting from when they were in the Navy together to now running a seven-figure business. They give all the details on how it all came to be.

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Diverse Recruiting Experts

This is a perfect story of a partnership that relies on each other’s expertise. Where Cody has years of experience in recruiting, Jeff has managed several businesses over the years and understands the digital marketing agency. Together they have nailed down what they sell, who they sell to, and what methods they use to target their audience. Having these systems in place is so important before hiring a Virtual Assistant. 

The most inspiring stories are shared as both Jeff and Cody explain how their business was a dream started 20 years ago. Now, they continue to dream big and follow their passions. Today, Jeff Fisher is a coach for RepStack, offering his years of experience to other business owners. Jeff and Cody’s mission is to make a difference in the world and connect digital marketing agency owners to services and tools that they need. 

The key elements discussed in this podcast include: 

  • It the importance of choosing a niche based on your years of experience in one industry. 
  • How do you first need your CRMs in place before hiring a Sales assistant for digital marketing agencies? 
  • How dreaming big often pays off in enormous ways! 
  • How you need passion and a dream to endure years of business. 


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