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RepStack – Plugging the Employment Gaps in Pakistan through Virtual Assistants

RepStack is Plugging the Employment Gaps, Hiring Pakistanis as Virtual Assistants for Top US Digital Agencies

The talk of the traditional workplace facing its slow, inevitable death had been around for quite some time prior to the pandemic. But, it was tough for many of us to wrap our heads around the concept in Pakistan. The pandemic, however, turned things around and remote working took the employment world by storm. Mainly, because that was the only option for most knowledge workers.

Although it took some getting used to the new working trend even for the most digital-savvy of us, we slowly grew to like it over the past year. So much so that many of us now prefer working from home over getting back to the office. In fact, some employees are even quitting their jobs instead of giving up working from home. Virtual is the new norm in the ‘new normal’.

Where the pandemic changed one thing for the better, it caused utter devastation on all other fronts. Employment was hit hard too with businesses reporting losses due to the Covid-driven shutdowns. The economic shutdown caused countless to lose their jobs and scramble for other options. Thankfully, remote working and freelancing options served as a timely remedy.

Now that the economy is recovering with the decline of the pandemic, the office as we knew it has also changed forever for some of us. The virtual jobs that many of Pakistani youth have engaged in offer them the flexibility, perks, and growth opportunities that hardly any traditional job does. The trend is facilitated by the new-age recruiters who connect potential local HR to the right overseas employers.

One such company is RepStack that handpicks virtual account managers, sales representatives, and marketing assistants from Pakistan for top digital marketing agencies in the US.

RepStack – Plugging the Employment Gaps in Pakistan

RepStack capitalizes on the growing remote working trend and offers young, educated Pakistanis an opportunity to work for some of the best digital marketing agencies in the US. With its physical presence in Wilmington, Delaware, the company is able to identify the local human resource gaps and fill them with the right people from Pakistan.

“We know that the Pakistani job market has been struggling for some time and even the candidates with the right skills and qualifications have a hard time finding a job that they truly deserve,” shares Azhar Siddiqui, CEO RepStack. “We’re effectively filling these gaps by connecting them with an overseas employer where their skills are best utilized and their chances of growth are maximized.”

Azhar Siddiqui - CEO RepStack

Azhar Siddiqui – CEO RepStack

Having started in Sep 2020, RepStack already has on-boarded about 103 employees for different digital agencies in the US. In less than a year, the company has registered a revenue of over USD 1.2 million. “We hope to grow to 300 employees by the end of the year, and have steeper goals for the years to come,” shares Azhar.

About 52% of RepStack’s employees are aged 18-24, 41% 25-34, and about 5% are between the ages of 35 and 44. The company also has a healthy male-female employee ratio of 49% and 47% respectively. Female employees especially benefit from the flexibility that such jobs offer as they work from the safety and comfort of their homes besides saving the commute costs.

Why Employees Love the RepStack Model

The Exposure

Firstly, working for a good digital agency in the US gives the employees the right kind of experience and exposure. They get to unlearn some things, and learn many new things to be on top of the latest trends in the digital marketing arena. They’re the face of the company and learn a lot on the client servicing front as well. The things they learn working for a foreign client put them ahead of the digital marketing practices done in the Pakistani market.

The Flexibility

This is the age of work-from-anywhere ‘digital nomads’. People are increasingly gravitating to the jobs that offer them the right amount of flexibility. Especially the young graduates, already used to freelancing by the time they finish studies, are more into flexible remote jobs. The RepStack model, hence, is enabling and promoting the remote working trend by bridging the employer-HR gaps.

The Perks

The flexibility that RepStack employees enjoy doesn’t come without attractive perks and benefits. “The employees we onboard enjoy handsome compensation in terms of monthly payouts and other benefits. There is good health coverage, performance-based bonuses, and immense growth opportunities for each employee that’s hired through RepStack,” shares Azhar.

The Development

RepStack offers employees a robust platform to grow both personally and professionally. The company offers comprehensive and tailored skill development training to potential employees to make them the best fit for their position. “If we see any shortcomings in a potential employee’s profile, we fix them with thorough, well-designed in-house skills training programs,” shares Azeem Yousaf, Director Sales at RepStack.

What Kind of Work RepStackers Do

Hafsa Mir – Marketing Assistant at Pipeline Pro

My work responsibilities include content creation, graphic designing, video editing, podcast production, web design & development, social media marketing, and more.

Muneeb Shehryar – Assistant Project Manager at Pipeline Pro

My current responsibilities include handling and managing the CRM platform, assisting the project manager in setting up client accounts, handling client queries, and providing them with technical support. My experience so far has been nothing but great.

Sanya Shoaib – Marketing Assistant at Kickstart Dental Marketing

My tasks cover a variety of areas such as customer relationship management, social media marketing, content creation, video editing, graphic designing, social media management, and basically anything that makes my client’s job easier.

Nashima Sheikh – Marketing Assistant at Evolution Tax Centre

I work on the agency’s marketing efforts, helping them automate the processes. Currently, for an entire vertical, I’ve helped automate their email marketing besides working on a lot of other things including content development, social media management, etc. So I’m involved in many things but I’m mainly focused on making efficiency improvements.

What Employers Have to Say about RepStack Resources

Andrew J. Cass – Co-Founder at PipelinePRO

My VAs are reliable, enthusiastic, loyal, and phenomenal. They’re full-time and I love that they’re exclusive to my company. I always had a problem with VAs in the past as they were moonlighting with other companies. I love the fact that the VAs we use for RepStack are exclusive to our company and we can put them in a role and we have them for eight hours a day. This is their only job and they look at it as a career. So the productivity is through the roof, and the cost is amazing.

Michael Goldstein – Owner of Kitchen Remodeling SEO

I’m experienced with RepStack, particularly with the VA. Noefel has been placed with us and he is one of the fastest learners I’ve ever seen in my life. He picked up the ability to record SEO audits after I worked with him for about two hours teaching him how to do it. He has been reaching out to clients and has been able to generate several move-forward conversations in some strategy sections. I look forward to continuing working with him.

Mark Perna – Director of Digital Marketing at Acumen Legal Marketing

Fatima has been great. She’s been very attentive and detail-oriented. She asks me for additional work to do, and anything she can do to get better. That’s been a big help in running our agency because I can offload some of the tasks that need to be done on a weekly basis but get pushed down because we get so busy. Overall, it’s been a great experience.

Why RepStack Matters for Employers

“We provide digital agencies in the US with capable, qualified, and experienced virtual account managers to take over all client-facing tasks,” shares Azeem. “Building relationships, our virtual sales account managers take on their workload, empowering them to focus on what really matters: growth! Our college-educated virtual assistants have just the right skills and aptitude to serve the agencies in the best possible way.”

The marketing assistant will take over the creation and scheduling of social media posts, engaging with customers and potential clients, putting together sales presentations, and do a lot more.

“Imagine a college-educated, perfectly groomed virtual sales assistant to continue the sales process non-stop, daily, with the ability to integrate their online marketing skillset into their work ethic. RepStack sales assistants can easily be trained to close complex 5-figure deals from start to finish,” Azhar Siddiqui informs. “Our simple, upfront pricing structure also makes it easier for employers to choose us for impeccable client management services.”


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