Build Authority as an Agency Owner

About Amy Dix and how she started 

Amy Dix, an International Speaker, and two-time No. 1 International Best-Selling Author. Amy started out in the corporate world but then transitioned into an authority speaker with a focus on positivity and happiness.

With over 8 years of experience, she aims to teach digital marketers how they can connect with their audience on a deep level.

As a positive psychology practitioner and entrepreneur, Amy envisions reimagining values and meaning in the workplace. Let’s have a look at some great tips Amy shared for boosting positivity that impact your agency’s authority .

Top tips for building your Authority!!

As a digital marketer, you may be familiar with how most mediums are constantly bombarded with a multitude of content that’s fighting for their attention. Due to all this fluff, your message may get lost in a deep sea so, there is a need to build strong connections with your audience and keep them engaged. 

So if you’re an agency owner, it is important to position yourself as an authority figure in the industry. Not only will this help you attract more customers and clients, but it will also give you an edge over the competition. 

That’s what Amy does, she helps agency owners become authority figures in their niches and also shares her key insights with us:

  • Charge for the value you offer – The pricing model
  • How to maintain client retention 
  • The positive impact made by agency owners

Charge for the value you offer – The pricing model

The more niched down your agency is the more pricing matters. As a marketer, you need to focus on your ideal target customer and align your marketing strategies to match them. The pricing model varies but the agency you service for help should be well equipped with understanding your marketing needs.

Amy can relate well to agency owners with similar pain points. She emphasizes how packaging prices are a strategic decision as it impacts agency sustainability. Agency owners need to be charging for the value they offer and these need to be justified by matching the skills required.

If your agency wants to stand out from other businesses in the digital marketing world, its pricing model should distinguish it. And also when you work with other agencies, it is crucial that your price tag meets their needs. 

How to maintain client retention

Many clients leave because of “perceived indifference”,  It is when your customers believe that you don’t care about them and they aren’t as important to you or your business.


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To manage and sustain your relationships with clients, you need an extra set of hands. Your best option is an Account Manager who can meet the needs of new and existing clients. This individual can come in and make a valuable impact inside the agency if they are the right pick. A lot of this process happens on the backend and can be a game changer!

The positive impact made by agency owners

Agency owners make a positive impact in the world, they have positive messages that can be showcased to a wider audience. Despite them not being motivational insights, these business talks can change lives by helping others grow.

Amy believes her WHY for becoming an authority speaker is to be able to showcase the positivity that agency owners bring to the stage, by helping them with their personal branding. Amy has done a great job revolutionizing this in her career as an authority speaker.

Amy’s key insights 

Connection is key when it comes to marketing. If you can connect with your audience on a deep level, they will be more likely to interact and engage with your content. Applying the tips that Amy shared should help you do just that!



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