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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Remote Sales Development Rep in 2020

Sales development representatives (SDRs) are responsible for outbound sales prospecting. They spend much of their time reaching out to potential clients through the early stages of the sales funnel, either preparing prospects to speak with a closer or screening their true intention to buy.

As CONVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the world, it has completely flipped the working world. It has already changed the Who, Whom & Where at work. So, this means life somewhat has completely changed, or some folks won’t like to admit it, this is the new norm. Work life has drastically been different for so many people. At this point, we can either keep our heads under the sand and think “things will be back to normal soon”, or just adapt to the new ways of doing things.

In this rapidly evolving scenario, the only thing that doesn’t change is the constant hunger for results. We feel the pinch too, and we know you folks are feeling the squeeze. Hiring freezes, Layoffs, Travel restrictions etc. all make it even more tasking to sell. I feel ya…!!

So, in present circumstances, especially when it comes to Sales, it is paramount to start thinking & implementing a Remote Sales Development Team. These teams are tailor made to prospect, Retain, Mitigate, Service your valued customers. Equip these front-end warriors, with a knowledge of products they need to sell, reaching out to prospects, intended customers who may/may not know what a perfect solution would be for their needs/wants. In other words, they play a collaborative role between, Point of Contact (POC), Inside solution Architects, Account Managers and decision makers.

Why You Need To Hire a Sales Development Rep

Now let me give you 5 reasons why you need to hire a Sales Development Rep working remotely for you;

1. Reduction in Capex (Capital Expenditure)

It is a no brainer, that when you have a remote SDR, your Capex cost are in the minimal. No office space required, No stationary, no mumbo jumbo. Just work. That’s how it should be. Plus moving forward, companies/organization can reinvest the same cash flows in their employees, or new projects that are Capital Intensive.

      76% of Millennialswho will soon make up the vast majority of the U.S. workforce, indicating they prefer to work remotely at least some of the time, there is a strong likelihood that the number of remote workers will continue to rise.’

2. Pool of Candidate’s to Pick & Choose

As we all move along, when it comes to hiring or bringing people on board, Respstack already has the will, and the resources to get you the best possible talent pool to pick and choose from. Most importantly if you are not based out of a big city, and have the mouldability, you may be lucky enough to get best possible talent in the market. I promise you that.

‘’ Recent study, benefits found from working remotely at least a few times per month include:

77 %had greater productivity

24%were game, for putting in the hours

30%attained/managed more, from less

3. Entitled Representatives

Giving your SDR’s all the flexibility and trust would take you places. Why? Because when you focus on results, not the hours they work, that empowers them to do more for less, and at the same time it’s a win-win for both i.e. you and your customers/clientele. Folks who are happy working from home, always feel comfortable in their own environment. That gives them ample time to get that focus, they dearly need to get things done. Hence giving more results than excuses.

‘’ 63% SDR’s felt, giving them space, makes them more Productive & Efficient’’

4. Productivity and Efficiency

As learnt from previous experiences in managing people, Repstack has always given its employees, partners and customers the confidence and trust which every individual pry to have. Needless to say, when comfort levels are high, the productivity numbers are off the roof. 

‘’According to Skype’s research, 62 % companies allow their SDR’s to WFH (Work from Home), while 56% decision makers intimated, that they believe their productivities are higher while WFH.’’

5. Business Continuity even in ‘Hell’

NO need to worry about business continuity, even when Nature is not helping. WFH gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere, even in post CONVID-19 context. All you need is a working PC, and stable internet connection. Professionals at Repstack will always help you get there, always ready with the solution not the other way around. No more excuses.

Having a talented and tenured Sales Team can have many benefits, as they tend to get the work done sooner than later. With the help of bunch of connectivity tools, which Repstack provides, you can also have oversight on your employees, make sure there on time in meetings, whether in office or with clients. Managers can also gauge their respective teams’ performance from these dynamic, and impressive tools. These collaborative instruments, are a must have’s in WFH context. In the end, 

‘’ Working remotely through an SDR, always outweigh the challenges”

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