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How to turn your Home Service Business Into an Agency Success Despite the Competitive Landscape ft Kameron Hammontree

The power of imperfect: How good do you need to be to get started?

Kameron Hammontree knew that as an undergraduate inclined towards digital marketing, he would have to hustle. He started off with a goal in mind and just a few resources at his disposal. 

Enthusiastic about sales and marketing Kameron jumped at the opportunity of understanding what it takes to be successful online and was smart enough to seize any potential opportunity. He first began by product reselling via Facebook and then went on to take inspiration from agency owners in the floor marketing niche.

After investing in the home service niche and armed with the knowledge he had accumulated through his experiences, He eventually took the leap of faith and started his own agency in 2020.

Today, GlobeLight Marketing specializes in floor marketing and has come this far because of Kameron’s persistence in believing in his business model and the drive to always improve his processes.

How Kameron Started GlobeLight Marketing From Scratch and Used Digital Marketing to Fuel His Success

Kameron never let anything hold him back  – When he was just getting a headstart in the agency world he wanted to operate on his own and achieve the most without leaning on anyone.

The idea first came through a paid ad: Impressed by how the agency was servicing their virtual assistants with mentored coaching and prospecting, he thought to himself how could someone with minimal knowledge of the field, still receive booked meetings? 

After more consultations Kameron became widely aware of how the home service business had a multitude of niches within it. Despite all the competition, he knew he could fit in.

He began at first by simply creating a list of potential clients and closed about 3 clients.  Despite only having a 20% conversion rate and an aversion to cold calling he remained resilient in his pursuit of success.

Marketing Results Could Take Time, but Don’t Give Up: Keep Your Strategy Relevant To Reap What you Sow

When it comes to marketing, you don’t always get the results as soon as you would expect them to be.

“I’m still getting residual messages from my VA’s work”

Kameron’s experience shows that even though it takes time to see results in marketing, it is worth the effort. After launching an automated sequence of messages that his Virtual Assistant had composed, he was still getting inquiries from customers months later.

Even if you don’t see immediate results, your efforts could pay off later on down the line as long as you keep pushing forward and make sure your message reaches the right people. As such, it is important to have an effective strategy in place for reaching out to potential customers.

Crafting the Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy – Starting from Facebook Ads to Organic Content Marketing

Kameron has taken a multi-faceted approach to land clients. To reach the right people, he’s run targeted Facebook ads – paving his way toward full-time success.

Soon he discovered that organic content is also significant for growth; Kameron uses short-form posts and infographics to attract attention on relevant days of the week while highlighting positive experiences with customers through testimonials. 

All this allows him to have sustained organic engagement, helping him build relationships that lead all the way up to steady client acquisition!

Here are the top insights he shared that he has actively implemented into his agency model:

  • Learn about new marketing techniques and expand your knowledge base
  • Start with paid ads to generate leads more quickly, then organic content marketing for a sustained ROI
  • Spend an average of $1500 – $2000 per month on paid advertising, based on your niche and CPC
  • Close clients quickly with the one-call close methodology
  • Keep a check on clients by maintaining accountability and communication for long-term client retention
  • Avoid perceived indifference by engaging with clients consistent

Harness the Power of Limited Resources

Kameron Hammontree’s one key piece of advice is to make good use of imperfect knowledge and limited resources. As an individual who has benefited from investing in mentorship, he recommends all those passionate about growth look into those coaching programs that can facilitate their agency towards more exposure in the niche.

It’s clear that in this digital age, there’s always a risk when it comes to investing in your agency plans however once awarded the benefits are endless.

Everyone has the power within themselves to make something amazing out of any circumstances, no matter how difficult they may seem. So, now it’s your turn – are you ready to harness the power of imperfection and become an entrepreneur?

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