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A Guide on how Conduct Basic Outbound Telemarketing for Start ups

Outbound marketing is a type of telemarketing that involves the telemarketer calling a prospective customer to offer a specific product or service. Telemarketing has proven to be an effective marketing practice, helping businesses drive greater sales and generate more leads. 

If you want to get new customers and grow your business through telemarketing, then here are some basic reminders to keep in mind when doing outbound telemarketing calls:


Unsolicited calls can be overwhelming, especially for start-ups or small businesses. To make sure that you’re doing everything right, always prepare yourself beforehand and equip yourself with the right information:

1. Generate a targeted lead list

Make your sales development rep’s (SDR) job much easier by providing a targeted lead list. In that way, you can ensure that you are targeting the right people and thus, close more deals. Collect all the information that you’d need, most notably the names of your prospective customers. 

You can attain such information by buying the info from data companies. For more up-to-date data, consider custom-building your list using a lead scraping rep.

2. Complete a detailed talk track

When you call, be clear with your intent. To do that, make sure to identify your objectives and the message you wish to get across beforehand. It would be best if you also studied the client that you’ll be talking to. Making a script and sticking with it for greetings and end call remarks saves you time and keep you from going on and on unnecessarily. Ultimately, having a script will help you focus on your intent. Don’t be too strict with it, though, or the conversation will seem stilted and unnatural.

Additionally, plan out how you will secure your sale. For instance, when the customer shows interest in your offer, tell them that you’ll be sending an email to provide more detailed information about the product or service you are offering. Follow-up calls also help remind customers to complete their transactions.

3. Prepare yourself

The best way you can prepare yourself is by scheduling calls. Identify the best time to make a call and use a management app to arrange your schedule. Doing this will help you prepare mentally before the call so that your conversation with the client will be short and straightforward—and thus, more likely to be successful.


Outbound telemarketing doesn’t have face-to-face interactions, and you will rely mostly on your voice. Do not waste yours and your client’s time and be concise and straightforward with your intent. Also, be mindful of how you speak while on call.

1. Ask open-ended questions

To encourage your client, make sure to ask open questions. This way, you can direct the conversation to discuss what their specific needs are. The more you get to know your client, the more you can identify their needs. Thus, you can offer solutions to address their problems or offer them products or services that they may purchase.

2. Smile while you speak

Even though your client can’t see your face on call, you should always smile as you speak. It may seem to be a small inconsequential act, but a grin helps you to sound confident and encourage your client to make a purchase or follow instructions. Smiling while you talk makes your voice sound more trustworthy and appealing.


A call’s success is not only determined by how your conversation with the client went. For it to be successful, you must secure your client’s purchase after the call.

1. Follow up or leave a voicemail

Do not make the mistake of losing a potential client by failing to keep in touch with them. If you or they arrange a follow-up call, make sure to call at the scheduled time. In the case that they don’t respond, leave a voicemail to keep the connection.


Telemarketing is a challenging job that requires a certain level of skill. From the beginning to the end of the call, you must know how to carry the conversation, keeping it short and to the point, but at the same time, lively and engaging. You may be able to manage it yourself at first, but you will then see the need to recruit telemarketers to assist with your clients’ queries later on. In actuality, most companies outsource their telemarketers, investing in professionals who are experienced with the work.

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