Deven Gillen

How Deven Gillen is Helping Business Leaders Connect with their Customers Through Powerful and Engaging Content

Deven Gillen: Enabling Business Leaders to Connect with Customers Through Impactful Content

Deven Gillen believes in the power of impactful content to captivate an audience. From personal branding to refined messaging he has come a long way from launching his own SAAS agency to help others in the digital marketing sphere.

His work truly began when he took on the challenge of improving lead generation for his mortgage company via Facebook ads, and quickly realized that what was missing from their campaigns were engaging pieces. 

Wanting to help others improve shared content and grow their social media presence, Deven decided to launch – an app designed specifically as an effective communication tool between business leaders and potential customers all over the world.

Skyrocket Your Organic Reach 

Digital marketers are reaping the rewards of using organic content, leveraging their understanding and insights on target audiences to craft engaging messaging that resonates. What’s more, in just a decade we’ve seen social media users triple – making this an even better opportunity for digital marketers!

You can never have too many hands on deck when it comes to chopping up content and pushing out engaging pieces for your target audience. So that’s why it’s important to assemble your own team of content creators.

A lot of marketing agencies have grown exponentially through organic content. The best part about this is:

 “You own your audience, you don’t rank your audience”.

When social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram debuted, people were all about staying on top of the conversation. But when TikTok arrived, they pivoted to focusing more on what was being said rather than who was saying it – an exciting new way to be a part of conversations!

This led to a huge turnaround for businesses that employed organic strategies when it comes to social media. 

Here are the top benefits of using organic content as a digital marketer:

  1. Increase leads and conversions through targeted organic content.
  2. Stand out from the competition by building a unique brand voice.
  3. Solve customer problems with engaging and informative content.
  4. Reach more prospects through optimised list-building practices.
Personalize Your Sales Experience to Increase Trust and Close More Deals

Deven understands the importance of personalization when it comes to sales. That’s why he advises against cold calling, as that just won’t cut it with customers and clients! 

Instead, Deven recommends using list builders to better target potential prospects – then get creative in your approach by making sure you are giving them a personalised experience for maximum success.

In the first five minutes of a meeting with your client, trust is key, and communication can make or break any deal. Your salesperson’s performance in this time frame plays an integral role: fostering meaningful dialogue to build rapport and create positive energy. 

Don’t let clients drift away due to any perceived indifference: Maintain consistent support throughout their journey. Put them first and make them feel valued by giving personalised attention and nurturing their relationship with you. Show empathy, patience, and understanding when communicating with them.

  1. Keep your prospects interested by using a conversational tone of voice.
  2. Showcase the benefits of your service without being too pushy.
  3. Avoid turning off potential customers with a sales-y approach.
  4. Stay top-of-mind by regularly engaging with your prospects even after you have closed the deal.
Take Your Content To The Next Level with Deven Gillen

Deven Gillen has built an amazing app, which makes sure you can streamline your communication via social media. As an agency owner, he works with a whole team in the backend that ensures that its performance is always top-tier.

By understanding how to create impactful content, you can not only improve your own personal brand but also establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. 

With tools like at your disposal, you can be sure that your content is optimized for maximum engagement, conversion, and growth – it’s time to start reaching (and exceeding) those social media goals.

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