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Embrace the Learning Curve Ft. Sean Dennin from Acumen Legal Marketing

Journey to an agency owner with Sean Dennin

Sean did not start out as an agency owner; he started his career in a law firm where one of his responsibilities involved going on-site visits with attorneys supported by business finance or legal technology. The law firm industry involved his presence for clients all the time which he found exhausting despite the paychecks.

After analyzing his situation at work, the flexibility that he longed for was not there. Not long after he had an epiphany when he was unable to commit to a family event, he realized his work-life balance was unsatisfactory and he had to do something about it.

Hence, Sean’s drive to have flexibility in his work life led him to become the owner of Acumen Legal Marketing – A marketing agency that facilitates lawyers with the technology they need. So how was Sean able to scale to a million dollars in his agency journey? In 2 years’ time, he was able to go from zero to seven figures and currently makes 50,000 dollars a month of recurring revenue as an agency owner. 

Starting a business from scratch: Sean Dennin’s story

After quitting his job, Sean had to start from square one and build up a agency that would offer him the freedom he wanted. He realized early on in this journey how important it is for entrepreneurs to be passionate about the work they do. Fortunately Sean had the edge with his knowledge of the legal world and was able to scale fast!

It was not easy to transition from a lawyer to a digital marketing agency owner, he wanted to stick to his own niche. He had to build up from scratch, he had no clients or testimonials to maintain credibility and was still trying to figure out what to specialize in. However he was able to find success in his new line of work as he was able to scale from zero to seven figures within the first year of operating his agency.

Here are some key insights that you can take value from:

Embrace the Learning Curve – Accelerate your agency’s growth!

Digital marketing can be a lot to take in at first. Don’t be discouraged by your lack of knowledge; instead embrace it like a learning curve.

This can truly be a game changer if you execute it well. Get your hands on all the resources and expertise to build out your team and have a system in place – once you get past those first few bumps along the road everything will seem second nature to you.

Expand your knowledge – Networking

Coaching programs are the perfect way for entrepreneurs to get their agency up and running. They provide you with a digital blueprint that will help you to commit to the learning process as well as scale fast.

Not only can you soak up the knowledge as you interact and widen your networking circles, but you can also implement this efficiently. A little patience goes a long way to get your agency where you need it to be!

Outsource to those that specialize – Scale Fast!

Sean explains how when you initially hire a Virtual Assistant,  a certain level of expertise and experience is mandatory to get a good pick who holds the potential to manage and fit into your agency’s processes. On the contrary, a lack of experience would often result in picking an incompetent person, so placing a freelancer on your team would not reap the same rewards as hiring a qualified virtual assistant.

Outsource the work to those that specialize in it – so the likes of Marketing Assistants, Sales Development Reps, and Account Managers have the skills to handle your agency’s tasks. If you’re not sure of what person you need, place yourself in their shoes and analyze your prompting needs.

Challenging as it may be: understanding the process of running your business is fundamental to its success. You can understand it better and have all the help you need to  cover everything from GMB posts, content creation, managing social media platforms while maintaining consistency!

Don’t ignore the Niches in your Marketing Strategy

As a Digital Marketer don’t make the mistake of ignoring Niches…

Marketing your business to a niche is hard. You need to understand their language and trends, but it’s difficult to stay up-to-date on all of them. It’s tough trying to keep up with all the latest marketing trends, especially if you’re targeting a niche audience. You need to be fluent in their language and know what’s important to them, but that can be hard to do on your own.

Sean’s Entrepreneurial journey – From Lawyer to Agency Owner

Sean found that the law firm industry was very demanding and it did not offer the flexibility he desired. This led him to start his own marketing agency, which provides lawyers with the technology they need. Sean’s story is a great example of how determination and grit can lead to success. He is finally relieved to take a step back from his agency and still be able to scale forward!

Have you ever had to make a big change in your life?

Let us know in the comments!

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