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How to Dominate the Carpet Cleaning Niche with Online Marketing ft John Clendenning

Carpet Cleaning Marketers: How to Dominate Your Niche

John Clenndenning had already been familiar with the carpet cleaning niche since high school.  He had actively been involved in consultations and in the purchasing of franchises before he went on to start his agency.

John built his first website in 2013 by teaching himself WordPress. After finally selling his brick-and-mortar company, He then quickly jumped into reputation marketing; “the most important thing in the service business is trust” he says. 

His journey began with a generalist agency and then progressed to a specialist agency – This decision was made as he realized that there were not many agencies that had dominated the market in this niche.

Today Carpet Cleaning Marketers provides online marketing services and can instantly help you with your online visibility. Unlike other agencies in the industry, John’s Carpet Cleaning Marketers knows how to get results without breaking the bank.

The Secrets to John’s Success – His Tips for Growing a Carpet Cleaning Business

John Clendenning of Carpet Cleaning Marketers is a self-built, successful marketer who knows the challenges faced by those starting an agency in their respective industry. His story provides insights on how to navigate these obstacles and achieve growth for your business!

  • Create SOPs for your processes

When you’re formulating ways to cover tasks or devising strategies that help reach your target goals, it’s essential to document these processes. So when you decide to become an agency owner, let your team members take over. They will be able to do so with ease because you have already prepared maps detailing exactly what needs to be done in each situation.

One of the pros of this is that you can eliminate yourself from the process and let your team take over.

  • Refine your Marketing Funnel

Just as important as eating your own dog food is ensuring your marketing efforts are equally successful. When John helps clients with their marketing funnels, he advises nurturing them. 

By ensuring your marketing funnel is refined, you can be sure that your company’s message will be better received by your target market. Clients that have a refined marketing funnel are able to communicate their unique value proposition, and as a result, close more business deals.

Nurturing your marketing funnel allows you to focus on what’s most important – your agency’s bottom line.

In a nutshell – Dont wear all the hats as an agency owner.

John shares how the process that clients are put through – Whether they decide to work with us or not we provide them with a plan and then put them in a strategy session once they qualify.

“You need to be building a presence in your online marketing” says John. 

Whether you started your agency as a side hustle or were looking to retire from over exhausting day job, these insights can help you navigate toward growth. As an agency owner, you wear hats too many hats but you are the pioneer of all decisions and hence you should delegate. 

Avoid outdated means of Marketing – Shift your gears and grow!

Being an agency owner, you need to have a firm understanding of the concept of marketing. John Clenndenning’s journey into the world of digital marketing is one that many business owners can relate to. 

After years of being in the carpet cleaning industry and seeing how technology was changing the landscape of marketing, he decided to take his business online. He started by teaching himself WordPress and then moving into reputation marketing. 

Today, John is a well-known expert in digital marketing and has helped hundreds of businesses increase their sales by ranking higher in search engines and building trust with potential customers. Are you ready to take your business online?

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