Grow Your Floor Coating Business EP06

Episode 6 – [Davis Construction Marketing] The Secrets To Growing A Digital Marketing Agency Using Virtual Assistants Ft. Ryan Davis

In this episode, I dive into the challenges of running your own marketing department with Ryan Davis, who specializes in the floor coating and painting industry. Ryan truly learned how his agency could grow and thrive, and how he could save some personal energy, by hiring Marketing Assistants. 

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We all get it. It is your baby, your project, and your business. But if you want to scale fast, you need to stop doing it all. That’s what Ryan Davis of Davis Construction Marketing did to grow his business from $17k to $70k monthly recurring revenue. Listen to this episode and learn how Ryan grew his business by hiring Key people in his company.

Virtual Assistants can help with tasks that range from social media management to creating blog posts like this one. When it comes down to it, they are professionals trained in various aspects of marketing so they are well equipped to handle all sorts of different jobs within an organization or team. It’s no wonder why more businesses are choosing them over traditional employees because not only do they cost less but also provide equal benefits while freeing up their employer’s time.

The key elements discussed in this podcast include: 

  • The 3 key roles every digital marketing agency needs to hire, and in which order.  
  • How a Marketing Assistant can take your agency to the next level. 
  • The importance of choosing a niche based on your years of experience in one industry. 
  • How you can start a digital marketing company with very little money. 


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